Mayonaka No Occult Koumuin : The Ears of Sand and the Guts of a New Employee

Episode 11

 “Suna no Mimi to Shinjin no Konjō” (砂の耳と新人の根性)

After making a mistake it seems that Satoru now needs to be saved by Miyako and the others. It is a story of whether contempt or compassion is the way to go and as contempt seems to have gotten everyone into trouble we’ll see how far compassion goes to save the day.

Actually really liked that they kept the two extremes in place but made Miyako and Satoru realise that their answers really lay in the middle somewhere. It was a good way of ending that entire thing by having both admit that they are wrong whilst right at the same time and building a bridge in that gap.

I guess it helps that we have Kyoichi who is less likely to turn to violence like Satoru but also weary of being too sympathetic like Miyako.

This episode was actually a pretty brilliant episode.

It brought together everything to show the world as it could be. Whilst humanity nearly destroyed itself by harming the Silkworm Princesses children and nearly damning the entire world probably they also came together and with the help of Miyako and the bonds he’s made brought together the Tengu and Angels so that the job that needed to be done got done. Even if it was imperfect.

I feel like Miyako’s point of view is one that humanity needs to take on board in general though. We look at other humans as foreign if they don’t match up with what we have in our head and that is the cause of segregation, hatred and all the horrible things in the world that humans do to other humans. For Miyako talking to Anothers and learning about them even if what he learns is that they aren’t very nice, they won’t listen to reason or can’t understand where he is coming from and therefore he doesn’t understand where they are coming from is important and I feel that is just the important thing most humans forget.

It doesn’t matter if we understand another humans point of view, it doesn’t matter in this context if a human understands a Another, deep down we are all the same. All the Anothers we’ve met have been human in some way or maybe humans are a little Another in some way but we look at humans like they are Anothers when in actual fact we just think differently.

That itself is a story as well, the story between Miyako and Satoru and their polarizing opinions.

They can’t see the world through each others eyes so they see each other as threats, as being wrong and as being a enemy to their opinion. I liked that neither lost but neither really won either, I know that we can sit here and say that Miyako was right and the world was only saved because of him but at the same point he was lucky that this time this one Another had one harmless job to do and then left or that she was forgiving or even listened. The next time she might not and Miyako needs to learn that.

Of course when Miyako ran off I knew he’d bring a army of Anothers to help but there was something I really loved about him showing up with all the Angels and Tengu, it was one of those moments that was just breathtakingly beautiful and I really liked it.

Don’t even know why that wasn’t the final episode but I guess it’ll be fun to see what they do in the finale.

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