Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : Cannibalism (Part Two)

Episode 35

Tomogui (Sono Ni)” (共喰い(其の二))

I’m finding it hard to watch the episodes now not because they are bad but because Dostoyevsky is actually terrifying and the things going on in the episodes are both heartbreaking, difficult to watch and just not what I guess we’re used too.

Gone are the flashy battles and the arrogant idiots wanting to bring each other down and here we have someone willing to use children as suicide bombers to distract those in his way.

It is scary.

The episode takes a nasty turn as the Agency are told not to fight but go to war anyway other than Atsushi and Kunikida whose hands would have been played after finding that Katai had been killed by Dostoyevsky if it wasn’t for the President going missing…

Then Mori also disappeared.

I said in the last review that I hoped that Mori had the same thought as the President, that the two organisations couldn’t go to war and needed to stop fighting.

He did and now Mori and Fukuzawa are going to battle to ones death and stop the fighting.

That was how the episode ended the episode itself was interesting enough but looking back at it nothing really happened.

Ranpo showed surprising leadership, rebellious traits and also bravery as he took those who wished to fight and even managed to get Chuuya out of the equation sucking him into one of Poe’s books, cue cute moment of Poe not wanting Ranpo to die because he’d miss him if he did. The others were terrifying in their fight until the Lemon Bomber showed up and as for Kyoka she goes after the code and ends up in a fight with Akutagawa which in itself ended strangely.

Well it didn’t.

He technically had the upper hand and got called away, she escaped it isn’t that strange.

What I mean is that they talk about when they first met and she asked him to kill her and he didn’t. Him telling her that he’s happy that she found a reason to live was sincere too and once more proves that these two groups aren’t that dissimilar.

Again I get it the Mafia are the bad guys but they are a balanced evil.

Not only that but the kids in this group, because most of them are seriously young with Ranpo being the eldest of the Agency at 26, are lost and look up to either the Boss or the President for their moral guidance. Sure that doesn’t make Akutagawa a good guy in any sense of the word but he isn’t the evil type either. He’s misguided, broken and looking to find his purpose. They genuinely seem to care for each other even when they hate each other.

Like Koyuou stopping the Mafia shooting after Junichiro and Kyoka because they might hurt her.

You need to get over the fact that there are bad guys and good guys and realise that they are kind of just families with different agendas and opinions on the world. Atsushi proves that the gifted sometimes can be feared and treated poorly and we don’t really see what the world does to them. Even then there has to be the shady side of humanity for there to be heroes, for there to be a Agency trying to help others.

I know what I’m trying to say but I can’t really say it and I feel like this talk of balance is super important and to remember that not everyone who comes across as being bad in this is necessarily evil or beyond redemption.

For me they mishandled Kyoka because she had extremely annoying personality traits and I don’t like Atsushi much but every single Mafia member is redeemable if they choose to be and they are human not just killing machines. They have reasons for why they are the way they are and I love moments like this one where we are reminded of that.

I honestly don’t want Mori or Fukuzawa to die to be honest with you.

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