Stranger Things 3 : Chapter Seven : The Bite

It is the Fourth of July and we have a fight on our hands as the Mind Flayer makes its final move against Eleven.

They don’t know what the Russian’s are up too yet either…

This episode continued to mix both the hilarious with the sad, action packed drama with human drama and Robin and Steve being drugged out of their minds giggling a lot.

I mean that might actually be the hilarious but they are both such good characters they deserve a shout out for their work in this episode which actually gave us some good character development for Robin as well as opening their friendship up to something different.

You see this is because Robin is a lesbian and we don’t get the stereotypical two kids who didn’t seem to get on fall in love and live happily ever after and Robin being a lesbian wasn’t something obvious in our face and something important to who she’s been in this series. It was delivered in such a matter of fact and sweet way as Steve admits he has feelings for her and she admits that she wasn’t obsessed with Steve at school because she liked him but because the girl she liked liked him. That moment she basically called him a dumbass and it took him a few seconds to realise what she was saying was the perfect moment for their friendship because Robin is super smart and super cool and Steve is super loyal and super nice.

It was awkward in a good way and one of the best scenes the series has ever had.

This in a episode where we get the Evil Dead tribute as the other side of that gang try to take on the Mind Flayer in a cabin in the woods with Jonathan wielding a axe, later Lucas, and Nancy with a shot gun. Even as the many pieces of the Flayer was falling away it was so Evil Dead like how his pieces just creeped off. After pushing it back a little and escaping they finally get in touch with Duncan which brings both stories crashing together.

Which is good.

With one episode left we had to have all these character reunited but I think the groups they’ve been in and the stories they’ve had really has helped make the series so much better. It wasn’t the same people with the same people doing the same thing, OK for the most part we still got Nancy and Jonathan and the main group of kids all together but having Dustin with Steve and their little group expanding doing their own thing whilst Lucas and Mike went girl crazy with their girlfriends which helped develop Will as well as the girls who bandied together in the face of ignorant boys gave all the characters enough breathing space and enough new things and people to interact with that they are totally different people at this point in time.

Of course they would be but it would be easy to have just thrown them all in one place and left them to continue to just be the kids they’ve been this entire time.

As it is we’ve seen how they’ve grown, how different they are becoming and whilst that is Will’s story in a sense it helped, for someone like me who doesn’t like her, a character like Eleven grow as well because up until now her interactions have mainly been with Hopper and Mike but now we’ve seen her actually become a part of the group instead of being dragged along with them by Mike.

That being said the true love story and the true miracle of this series was Murray and Alexei.

Remember when we got to Murray’s and he looked ready to stick a metal detector in any hole that Alexei has? The weird conspiracy guy who hates Russians?

Well they become friends especially bonding over the fact that for two people who squabble as much as Hopper and Joyce do they haven’t actually had sex yet and whilst I’m not going to actually spoil what happens in this episode outright that scene, the one anyone who has seen it will know, was actually one of the saddest in the series between two characters who we don’t really know but who made such a huge impact in a short space of time.

Especially one who doesn’t speak a word of English.

That group have made their way back to Hawkins and are on the lookout for the kids without knowing that there is a giant Mind Flayer actually stalking their kids running about Hawkins. It continues that Terminator kind of feel with Grigori back doing his best Arnie impersonation whilst also I guess marking the end of the Mayors time in charge as you can’t see any way this is going to end well.

Everyone though is together now. Kind of. Nearly.

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