Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : Cannibalism (Part One)

Episode 34

Tomogui (Sono Ichi)” (共喰い(其の一))

Yeah it is a weird one, we have a episode called Cannibalism but there is a reason for it.

There will be a war. There will be someone who dies. Maybe, let us hope not.

Honestly I was not expecting them to use Junichiro’s ability because I constantly forget about his ability if I’m honest but it makes complete sense for the Agency not to have actually stood to fight the Mafia but to hide their escape and try and reason in their own way.

This of course was the plan of both Kunikida and Ranpo who decided that the way to go was to actually find the gifted and have him stop the poison.

Simple right?

Just remember what Dostoyevsky was stealing from the Mafia. Documents on Gifted. He plays the entire Agency using their skills against them, leading Ranpo down the wrong path so that they end up chasing a guy who has nothing to do with anything. That being said it turns out that Junichiro was captured to be a Assassin which turns out badly in itself but once more shows that bond between Kyoka and Kouyou.

In the end it turns out that the President doesn’t want them to fight the Mafia and I’d like to think that maybe if Mori wakes up he’ll feel the same mainly because they both seem to understand that the Agency and Mafia live to bring some sort of balance to things. I don’t know where it is going but it didn’t seem to fill Ranpo with any happiness to find out that the man he admires the most doesn’t want them to fight for him.

It was interesting to see the two sides go at it the way they did though, I also love the fact that they themselves said that they didn’t think that the illusion gift would be as good as it is because as I said I’m constantly forgetting about it but it actually is super powerful. It keeps Junichiro safe for the most part and does tend to play big roles in most of their operations because he can hide just about everyone within the area he is controlling.

I always forget just how awesome Junichiro is.

Away from that though there is Dostoyevsky and I would like to talk about him.

I said on Twitter whilst watching this episode that I find it hard to watch episodes about him and for good reason. Whilst the Agency, Mafia and Guild are all “gangs” in some way or other and have all gone to war numerous times they are very in your face in the way they do it. The Agency like to act like detectives but when push comes to shove will use their skills to fight back, the Mafia go in all guns blazing and whilst the Guild use their power to fight it is pretty much the same thing.

Dostoyevsky fights dirty.

In his first real episode we see him force someone to commit suicide and in this episode, using the guy who doesn’t like Kunikida much he forces Kunikida into a tough place…

By sending in armed children and finally a suicide bomber to stop him.

This is seriously hard to watch. I mean it would be hard to watch regardless but Dostoyevsky has yet to have any kind of shoot out with anyone. He talks people to death, he sends them their worse nightmare and he out thinks even the smartest of characters. Him sending kids to fight and then having one kill herself is just harrowing.

Whilst it is difficult I guess it is the purpose of the story and I’m not saying that this is a negative at all. He is a much different bad guy to anything we’ve come up against so far. Mainly because unlike others he kind of is a bad guy. I mean the other three factions fight for power and their own egos and whilst there have been casualties and the rest of it their main aim is just to fight it out among themselves.

Dostoyevsky is cunning and willing to use anyone to get what he wants.

It is kind of horrific making him a actual terrifying threat compared to Fitzgerald. Or Mori. Or anyone.

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