Stranger Things 3 : Chapter Six : E Pluribus Unum

There are many serious problems right now. For Alexei it is as simple as a anti-Russian mad man probing him, for Steve and Co it is a base of angry Russian’s and for Nancy and Jonathan it is pretty much the Mind Flayer in all its horrible glory now that it has left the body of Tom and Bruce.

Hawkins is not the place to be.


I honestly really loved the beginning of the episode with the Mind Flayer being out and chasing Nancy. It was pretty much better than any horror show or film in recent memory and the image of the Mind Flayer screaming in the face of Nancy before being attacked by Eleven is one of the best things in 2019 so far.

That was pretty much as good as their part in this episode goes though. For me at least. I mean the end part of it was pretty cool for Eleven at least with her entering Billy’s mind to find the source of the Mind Flayer going through Billy’s memories of his mum, his dad being too harsh on him and all that was interesting but the middle part was pretty much… Mike being Mike and I don’t like Mike especially when he makes me agree with Nancy.

Something Stranger Things does really well I guess is using 80s stereotypes and making them more than just a stereotype. We saw this very much with Steve who went from 80s stereotypical popular jockey to mum of the year who works at a ice cream shop but the main groups adventures in this episode expanded on Billy being a bad boy. Instead of being a one dimensional “evil” guy like he comes across as we see the abuse he and his mother suffered and how he grew to be the person he turned into.

I mean it doesn’t excuse it but it makes him more than just this 80s trope and a character in his own right with a real life and motivations.

It was sad.

Plus I knew that finding him was the trap not going to him and knowing just how many people the Mind Flayer has under his power now, seeing Billy taunt Eleven… That was pretty amazing and probably my favourite scene involving either Eleven or Billy so far. In fact it was probably the best Dacre Montgomery has been so far.

I don’t think you can get how sad it was watching all these innocent victims just be destroyed one by one in a heap to be sucked into the Mind Flayer. Honestly this episode was one of the most horrifying things I’ve seen in a long time and the threat… Well it is right there in Hawkins after killing a bunch of people.

They have the horror sorted but there wasn’t anything nice happening in the spy world of Steve and Robin who sacrificed themselves for the benefit of Duncan and Erica.

Both duos were adorable, Duncan and Erica trying to escape/save the others was a nice distraction from the actual torture we had to watch happen to Steve. Why then was it adorable to watch him and Robin? Because he finally gave up the act and just opened up to her, that is even before he got drugged, and it was just nice to see him continue to grow as a character even if it was in horrible circumstances.

It was actually hard to watch, maybe because I love the character of Steve so much, and I honestly cried because it was so hard to watch it. Then there was that nervous happy laughter when Erica and Duncan actually managed to save them both.

It was just so good. Yet sad. Plus adorable. It hurts.

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