Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : The Dream Demon of the Haunted Apartment Block

Episode 9

Yūrei Danchi no Muma” (幽霊団地の夢魔)

After another giant story it seems only right that we go back to something just as serious but not quite as big as we see Miyako try to find out why children are being swallowed by their dreams.

At first I thought that just the idea of having a Another swallowing people into dreams was interesting but the episode was actually little about that and more to do with the way that Miyako is percieved outside of his own ward as well as introducing us to differing opinions on how to handle Anothers.

I liked meeting Satoru because he was the complete opposite of Miyako plus he didn’t care for who Miyako was because he just didn’t trust Anothers therefore doesn’t trust Miyako.

It is that barrier that no one bu Miyako can cross.

For Satoru the Anothers are just dangerous, a threat to humanity that need to be taken care of in the same way you’d take care of a monster attacking you. Having Miyako translate isn’t enough for him because the question isn’t then “am I doing the right thing?” but “how do you know that they mean what they say or that I can trust your translation?” which is a good point.

You only have Miyako’s word on what the Anothers say or how they feel.

This Another was obviously a child in itself and just wanted to play games, trapping people in their dreams so that it isn’t lonely. We know that because we heard what it said like Miyako but Satoru is correct in that we only have our gut instinct that the Another wouldn’t do it again if it deemed its situation bad enough to do it again.

We trust the Another because we see that it is playing and hear what it is saying, Satoru can’t do that.

Not only that but why trust someone like Miyako?

He hasn’t given Satoru a reason to trust him but beyond that he also knows that Miyako is friends with Kohaku. We all know that Kohaku isn’t the nicest of Anothers, he’ll play dangerous games with other people’s lives for the fun of it and is known as being a natural disaster. Why then when he is friends with Kohaku would anyone trust that he isn’t doing bad things because Kohaku put him up to it?

Whilst at first it makes you dislike Satoru in the end what he says makes sense and I think that is one of the reasons this episode and the concept of the wards coming together to work together once in a while is actually super cool.

Up until now we’ve been stuck in our own ward with a bunch of people that obviously seem “weird” compared to what other wards are like in that they want to actually maintain the peace between Anothers and humans. Satoru doesn’t want that, he wastes no time at all in killing the Another that has been stealing kids and putting them into dreams and whilst we look at it in the same light that Miyako does he actually has a point.

Without the ability to communicate and with the fact he hadn’t seen the Another being playful all he saw was a super natural being that has sucked the life out of three little kids and left them in comas.

Anothers aren’t humans and when a human hurts another human we punish them and look down on them for hurting another human so when something that isn’t human and that is actually terrifyingly powerful like a Another, one that just put three kids into comas nonetheless, it isn’t actually a stretch that most people might actually react the way that Satoru does.

Especially as he keeps touching that scar on his head when trying to rationalise things with Miyako which makes me believe he got it from a Another and which might make him less likely to be forgiving to a Another no matter what he knows about them.

Which I guess makes a whole bunch of sense.

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