Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 : The Masked Assassin

Episode 33

Kamen no Ansatsusha” (Japanese仮面ノ暗殺者)

Fitzgerald is back and I couldn’t be happier that our American friend is back to being… Rich and in charge of everything.

Now back to the Agency.

What I have always loved about this show is that its characters can be dopey as hell, the butt of a joke, the most ridiculous thing going but they still turn out to be the coolest and most deadly of people.

I say this in a episode where both Fukuzawa and Mori are attacked by a masked assassin.

This is probably one of the coolest episodes in anything ever and pretty much cemented Bungou Stray Dogs as my favourite anime ever. We see Dostoyevsky’s scheming, we find out what he is after we even see what he’s done with poor Nathaniel Hawthorne, and don’t think I’ve forgotten Nathaniel I guessed that it was him before he was outed as being the masked assassin.

What Dostoyevsky wants is for the Mafia and the Agency to fight it out among themselves, destroy each other and make it easier for him to get this book that when written in makes whatever is written come true. He seems to want to rid the world of the Gifted and it makes me remember that I’m not actually sure still what it is his ability does. He’s such a interesting character but at the same time we still have little information on who he actually is and who he is working with. It isn’t like Fitzgerald and the Guild coming into the picture because Dazai actually knows him meaning that he has to have some kind of presence in his life at least before now.

What made the episode so cool though was that it was non-stop action.

We know, the Mafia know and the Agency know that what Dostoyevsky wants is for them to destroy each other but at the same time they can’t help but fight because their bosses lives are on the line. Dazai can’t help, he can’t be a inbetween because Dostoyevsky shot him and he’s elsewhere being treated.

So emotions run high.

Emotions from people like Chuuya… And even Ranpo.

The Mafia attack, because of course they will with someone like Chuuya seemingly in charge right now, and the Agency have no choice but to stand their ground which lead to some really dramatic scenes of basically nothing happening.

But I loved it.

It built this drama, it showed how much each boss means to these groups and it once more confirms that the two groups aren’t that dissimilar.

I get that the Mafia are the bad guys, they are a Mafia after all, but underneath it all Mori has brought together a bunch of kids and people who felt left out of the world and sure he uses them in the wrong way but he’s like a father to them.

Similarly Fukuzawa has done the same to the point we see Ranpo actually take charge and force Kunikida to actually BE the temporary President knowing that if they don’t actually get off their asses and do something they’ll either all be dead or Kunikida will just have to be the President full stop.

I’m not doing the episode any justice. It kept me on the edge of my seat and it was just such a wonderfully put together episode that ended with such a good square off between the tops of the Mafia and the Agency. Not only that but that beginning to the end credits that plays over the final few seconds is perfect.

It was just fantastic.

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