Stranger Things 3 : Chapter Five : Flayed

I guess the way episode 5 starts is how we all felt at the end of episode 4 and now all of the plots are starting to merge into one…

Whilst Hellboy hopefully beats the shit out of Robin Hood just one more time.

I did love how last episodes pre-credit scene went from not dramatic to the most dramatic thing ever, in this episode as you might have guessed from the above it started with a load of screaming and moved into Terminator territory.

“Your mum isn’t going to be able to find us if we’re dead inside a Russian elevator” is actually one of the most ridiculous lines you’ll hear yet actually explained the terrifying situation that Duncan, Steve, Robin and Erica found themselves in.

Their story isn’t all that interesting until they stumble upon the Russian’s reopening the path to the Upside Down.

Oh and Steve won a fight.

Hopper and Joyce might be having some tough times with the Russian’s but it doesn’t stop their interactions being hilarious and now, NOW they have Alexei, a Russian scientist that they basically kidnap from yet ANOTHER Russian underground place that is possibly… Maybe not connected to the place that Team Steve is stuck in.

Some of their interactions are just the most joyous things to watch and Alexei , even though he didn’t speak a word of English, made it better. I lie he does actually say stop which is something that Hopper might have wanted to listen to before he blew up his car. I really liked Alexei.

I mean right now they are being chased by Stranger Things version of the Terminator and Andrey Ivchenko’s character Grigori was as terrifying as they come. I mean you have little Alexei smiling along and being prodded all over by Murray Bauman, the only person Hopper knows who speaks Russian, then you have Arnold Schwarzenegger-lite following their trail. All the while Hopper and Joyce are their usual hilarious selves.

Two groups that kind of needed to come together I guess was the main group and Nancy and Jonathan, with Nancy having barged into Mrs Driscoll’s hospital room and seen what happened to her it was actually surprisingly unselfish of her to think of Will and go to him… Even though she kind of only went there to continue her investigation. Plus she can’t even be unselfish when she drives knocking over all the kids bikes as she leaves. You might have noticed I don’t like Nancy much.

That being said she becomes much more bearable when she’s in a bigger group, her detective skills are also actually being used as instead of her being too caught up in her own little world to look at the bigger picture she’s actually opening her eyes and following actual clues. Where the bearable ended was when Jonathan “admitted” he was wrong and we got the wonderful Nancy line of him never doubting her again.

She is wrong. She’s been wrong most of this time. She’s right about there being something to investigate but she’s not doing it for the right reason and she also has gone about it the wrong way so far until now. Maybe worth it though just to see all the journalists turned into Mind Flayers chasing after her in a hospital. It is all pretty 80s horror movies at their silliest but if anyone deserves to have their life in jeopardy in this universe it’ll be self absorbed Nancy.

That ending though.

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