Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : The House with the Wisteria Family Crest

Episode 14

Fuji no Hana no Kamon no Ie” (藤の花の家紋の家)

After Zenitsu protected Nezuko in her box it is time that Tanjiro puts a end to this pointless fight and hopefully gets rid of Hashibira for a while.

Honestly this was just the weirdest of episodes and I just spent the entire time crying with laughter.

Not even kidding.

There is nothing but stupid things happening in a way to introduce Zenitsu and Hashibira to us all. Zenitsu is still terrified of everything, still shields himself from any threat from everyone and screams a lot whilst Hashibira just wants to fight everyone, smash his head into trees and has the face of a girl.

That is it!

That is the episode in a nutshell.

I really enjoyed it though I thought it was a great way to introduce them all and I liked having a fun episode after three really decent ones and a very heavy serious story just before that. It also gave us a look into the Demon Slayer Corps a little more by showing us that they actually do take care of their people when they get hurt.

Overall though it was just a hilarious episode and I really like the chemistry of the three of them and hope that they stick together.

There isn’t anything else to say really it was just fun.

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