The Rising of the Shield Hero : Guardians of Another World

Episode 24

Isekai no Shugo-sha” (異世界の守護者)

Naofumi was out on a tropical island grinding levels just to find a hidden Dragon Hourglass that just about no one apparently knew about.

Good old Naofumi saving the day.

After two lackluster episodes I guess it was nice to have such a fantastic battle to watch.

This wave attacks at sea and there are a bunch of what looks like swamp Monsters spawning as well as the boss looking much like a Narwhal.

That being said the wave again wasn’t the important thing and it turned out that L’Arc and Therese being there wasn’t just a coincidence because of course it wouldn’t be. No they have to be up to something and that something is wanting to take down the Heroes.


It turns out they are heroes from another world which is why Raphtalia couldn’t understand Therese and also why I took one look at L’Arc’s weapon and thought he was a hero. Just so happens they are heroes in a world where Glass is also a hero as it looks like the final boss of this season is going to be Glass.

Thing that sucked about this is that once more everyone is so ready to fight and hurt each other that at no point did they turn around and say “if you are in trouble and we’re in trouble lets sort something out together” no it was just more meaningless fighting.

Of course the other heroes were blown out the park, even Raphtalia is stronger then them at this point, so it is down to Naofumi to keep them at bay and save the day once more but for what?

Their world seems to be in trouble and Glass makes it seem like she comes from wherever the Wave comes from. If they don’t then the waves are effecting two places meaning that maybe, just maybe, they should be looking at that place instead.

Also from what the Queen said in a previous episode they actually do mean another world seeing the different countries in this world should have all been able to summon one of the four cardinal heroes therefore these aren’t from one of those countries but an actual other world. Which begs the question how L’Arc and Therese knew about Cal Mira and why they are just hanging about in another world.

Well I guess it doesn’t and it does.

It doesn’t because their goal seems to be to kill the heroes of this world but it does because surely the heroes should be busy protecting the world they are in instead of being in another world killing heroes doing the job they are meant to be doing in their world in the world they are now pretty much trying to destroy.

Just they aren’t trying to destroy it because L’Arc defeated the monster in the wave for them.

It is kind of confusing what their goal it.

What is nice though is that we directly get to see just how much Naofumi has grown because he is able to easily block Glass’s attacks this time and even deals damage to L’Arc.

What that means is that the final episode should be pretty damned cool.

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