Stranger Things 3 : Chapter Four : The Sauna Test

Things are starting to heat up not only with the action but in the lives of those in Hawkins.

Those absolute scenes before the intro were probably some of the best. It slowly went from Eleven and Max coming to their conclusions on their investigations and Eleven learning about Wonder Woman to what happened after Nancy and Jonathan found Mrs Driscoll to the dramatic scenes with poor Heather’s family.

The perfect way to ramp up the drama that has slowly been building.

Not surprising then that the gang gets back together, as best as it can, as Mike and Lucas call in the girls to help them find the Mind Flayer who they believe is still in Hawkins and with the girls help narrow its whereabouts to Billy.

Which is where the Sauna Test comes in.

It actually leads to one of the most terrifying and dramatic scenes in the season so far as the kids confront the possessed Billy. As always it was also accompanied with such fantastic music choices too. Honestly just perfectly played out.

I feel like I deserve a “I told you so” here and of course here it is. I KNEW that Nancy was going to end up losing her AND Jonathan their jobs and she did. What I actually loved about this scene though was that after it was all said and done we had two conflicting and in its own way correct ways of thinking. Whilst Nancy’s story was that she’s a young woman in a male dominated work place struggling to make a mark this was also Jonathan’s actual job that he needed not only because he wanted his own money and to learn a trade but because he needed it to help out his family and pay his way in life.

As I said neither were wrong in their pain but there was also that very large truth that Nancy just didn’t care. She didn’t care that she put Jonathan’s job on the line, she didn’t care about doing things the right way or playing it a little gentler and get on the right side of people.

She is self absorbed as we saw by her constantly bursting into the dark room when not just some man was asking her not too but her partner.

So when Jonathan exploded in the most Jonathan of ways it made sense. Whilst you can feel for Nancy’s predicament it doesn’t make what she did right even though we all want the strong woman to prevail just like her mother tried to convince her to do after all this. Thing is if Nancy was a nicer, less selfish character I would be here screaming on her behalf but she isn’t a nice person and she doesn’t care for others so here we are. Whilst she’s on the right track to find out something it’ll be interesting to see if she can even get Jonathan to talk to her again after all this.

Just because the story makes Nancy right doesn’t mean Nancy is right.

Plus she’ll stumble on something amazing by pure accident and be wonderful just because when she actually is just a horrible person.

Really enjoyed watching David Harbour beat the hell out of Cary Elwes, Hopper and Joyce are on their way to find the Russian’s which might need to happen pretty fast seeing that our ACTUAL young detectives have just ended up being thrown underground whilst snooping…

Taking Erica with them.

As it has been most of the season so far the entire Duncan and Steve trying to figure out what the Russian’s are doing is my favourite thing in the episode. From them recruiting Erica to them actually ending up in some ridiculous underground thing.

Props to Priah Ferguson for being one of the most hilarious mini-detectives you’ll ever see. I loved her back and forth with Robin especially, the two of them just don’t give a damn and they make me laugh every time they talk. The whole booby trap bit had me in stitches.

Everyone is now in some kind of horror/action/spy movie and I guess it is take your pick out of which one you like most but I feel when all is said and done this entire thing is going to be even more explosive then ever before.

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