Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan : Beyond the Walls [END]

Episode 59

Kabe no Mukougawa” (壁の向こう側)

This is it, the end of the third season. We’ve learnt where the Titans came from, who they are and what all the parties want. There is only one thing left…

Going to see the Ocean…

Floch getting the chance to tell the others how he feels was the best part of this episode.

I like that we aren’t going to just hand wave away everything that happened and that not everyone is going to be happy with the decisions made or happy to just let people believe that after everything that happened people were happy to give up their lives or that the people who survived were true heroes.

Personally I like Floch.

Something I also liked was that whilst people tried to quieten him for many reasons there was no fighting and people listened and it also hit them hard when he pointed out he was allowed to have his opinion. He wasn’t angry or overly shouty he just gave his opinion and it is one that I’m sure he is right in that everyone shared.

Whilst I get why Armin was picked and how it could be a good thing in the future it was nice to see someone who wasn’t going to put up with the bullshit that always surrounds them three.

Most of the episode was just pointlessness though. Them growing older and getting to the ocean, Eren 6 years down the line being even more of a emo then he was beforehand and basically declaring war instead of just deciding to fix up his island and live in peace there defending it from the other people.

I mean I guess we should have guessed that would happen.

As much as the Royal Family obviously inherit the will of the King who wanted peace and must have wanted it for a reason Eren has inherited his fathers ridiculous need to kill everyone and make his own nation the top dog.

Blood for blood, death for the sake of it the oppressed becoming the oppressor and not seeing any fault in that.

No one will point out that history will repeat itself because even in reality no one bothers to point out that history is just looping constantly.

Eren is just as bad as Grisha.

I hate them both.

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