Dororo : Dororo and Hyakkimaru [END]

Episode 24

Dororo to Hyakkimaru” (どろろと百鬼丸)

Through all the fighting, all the pain. The heartbreak, the wars and the horrors. After learning that even Monsters/Demons can love and even humans can become Demons.

24 Episodes we’ve seen the sadness that every day humans suffer through. The lengths they’d go to stop suffering, the pain they’d inflict on others for fun or because they have too.

This is it though.

This is where we finally get some peace.

“There was once a cry that should have been heard in this land. No sooner was it uttered then it was silenced. Yet even so, it reverberated through the land. And it still does.”

If a show could have a perfect ending this would be pretty much it if I’m honest.

Whilst a story of sadness ended sadly for most parts and the happy lives that we were hoping for were never seen you were left knowing that Hyakkimaru and Dororo set out on their own paths and that at least they had the hope to have better lives and meet again one day.

Daigo learnt that he was wrong. Tahomaru was saved by his brother just to die in the arms of his mother with the man who saved his brothers life watching on, the castle and the land of Daigo crumbled leaving nothing much left to be seen.

There isn’t much to be said about the show then it finished the way it had to.

Whilst it would have been nice to see Hyakkimaru live his life out with Dororo, Dororo who is going to use his money to help those in the village prosper in a different way, it makes sense that after regaining his body and his humanity he has to set out to learn his own life and his own path.

It was sad though.

Everything about this episode was sad.

From the moment you realised that both Oku and Jukai were going to give their lives for Hyakkimaru and the moment you realised there was no saving Tahomaru to the narrator being the one that told us just how many were lost fighting the war that Diago has brought upon them.

Through it all though there was hope.

Those villagers could end up having a better life with the lessons that Dororo has learnt and there is always the hope that Hyakkimaru at some point found his way back to Dororo or Dororo to Hyakkimaru. The Priest seemed to feel like something good would happen or at least be happy with the outcome.

Unfortunately it was just sad for the rest of us because regardless of it being a happy ending it was just the happiest ending that could have happened in this show really.

I’m just sad.

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