Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : The Boar Bares its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps

Episode 12

Inoshishi wa Kiba o Muki, Zenitsu wa Nemuru” (猪は牙を剥き、善逸は眠る)

Whilst Anna continues to convince herself that she is Zenitsu I’m happy to play the part of Inosuke Hashibira the angry Boar guy.

Demon Slayer becomes us.

Actually Hashibira annoys the hell out of me and I take it back I don’t want to be like him. He also isn’t a Demon Slayer maybe? Or he’s probably just a idiot. He is handy with his sword and out of the three Demons in the house he takes out one and so does Zenitsu.

This entire story is really cool if I’m honest and whilst you’ll either love or hate the new additions to the show this actual predicament that they are in can’t be denied as being amazing and one of the stronger of the stories told so far.

Thankfully it is also getting a third episode to really give it time to play out.

I won’t go too much into Hashibira mainly because he didn’t do much and other than the fact I still love the extreme differences between Zenitsu’s scenes and everyone else’s and the fact there is a good reason when you learn that his powers are OP but activated when he’s unconscious I won’t talk about him much.

That is because the concept of the house and the Demons in it deserve to just be the centre of attention.

Really think that Kyogai is a great Demon. He is scary looking, he has the tsuzumi’s sticking out of him and he uses them to turn the house about but he’s also constantly mumbling and in your face about how upset he is over the littlest of things.

He’s kind of terrifying.

Whilst the other two didn’t actually stick around for long having the other two turn corners and just find Demons there was actually really fun but also slightly terrifying. Like Zenitsu had just finished mumbling and wailing about Demons coming to them if they kept talking and suddenly a arm appeared out of nowhere.

It was perfect.

We look like we’ll get the fight between Tanjiro and Kyogai in the third episode, with Tanjiro faltering a little bit I wonder how long the battle will be. He’s had that moment where he doesn’t believe he can do it, doesn’t he always, and he’s snapped out of it and is looking for a technique to help him conquer the pain he’s in and take on a Demon that keeps not only changing the environment he’s in but attacking in a way he can’t really see or understand.

He’s scared, I’m scared for him but this will either be a epic battle or over way too soon.

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