The Rising of the Shield Hero : Cal Mira Archipelago

Episode 23

Karu Mira-tō” (カルミラ島)

Onwards to a XP Boost Event we go and never before has this show felt more like a “we’re in a computer game” type thing as it did in the last episode which I’m not sure I like.

It was a pretty filler-esque episode if I’m honest. If I had little to say about the episode before I have even less to say about this one to be honest.

Some moments were pretty funny like L’Arc and Therese not believing he was Naofumi because they knew the Shield Hero from basically the crap that Malty had spread around, the other Heroes getting sea sick on the boat and then when on the island them all squabbling because they ended up in the same place so couldn’t level. It was also nice to have a fun bit at a party where everyone was just relaxing and doing their own thing.

L’Arc seems like a cool new character but I don’t know how he’ll react when he finds out the new friend he has is actually the Shield Hero, saying that by the end of the episode it looked very much like they’d either figured it out or had figured out that they have no reason to work with Naofumi anymore.

Grinding was boring to watch because it was just quick montages of it really.

There was a small amount of fan service in that Raphtalia stuck a swim suit on trying to impress Naofumi but that led to them then putting on ridiculous penguin costumes and finding a Dragon Hourglass underwater learning the next wave will, of course, be right here in 2 days time. This coming at a time when Naofumi’s party needs new armour because they’ve outgrown the durability of it all.

Again it just kind of plodded along not really doing much.

There was the mystery surrounding L’Arc and Therese but that isn’t really a mystery at the moment I’m just more interested in learning who they were. At first I thought that they were other Heroes as the Scythe that L’Arc has had a similar stone setting to the other Legendary weapons and they used it to translate Therese so that Raphtalia could understand her but they seemed to be fine in leveling with Naofumi plus it is a stretch to think that there will be other heroes.

Who they are and what the point of them will be I guess we’ll find out.

As it is we’re ending the season off with a wave so there is that.

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