One Punch Man Season 2 : Cleaning Up the Disciple’s Mess [END]

Episode 12

Deshi no Shirinugui” (弟子の尻拭い)

Pretty sure this is the final episode even though it feels like it left it off in a pretty random place.

Can Garo be defeated? Can the Monsters be defeated? Can Saitama defeat King in a simple fighting game?

Some of these things will be answered, we already kind of know that Saitama will lose to King in any fighting game because he’s a button smasher which is super relatable and I feel attacked by King right now.

If this is the end like I think it is then what a way to end.

We saw Garo get his ass handed to him by Bang and Bomb but just as we thought he might be getting a second wind mainly down to having flashbacks of being bullied when he was younger a giant bird Monster pulled him out of the battle and sent in Centichoro to finish off the two Martial Arts masters and Genos.

Personally I really enjoyed not only the battle of the episode which was Centichoro vs Bang, Bomb and Genos but the very one sided battle between Master and Disciple in Garo and Bang. Of course at this point Garo isn’t fully capable of fighting seeing he’d just been beaten by Watchdog Man, punched by Saitama, beaten eight Heroes teaming up on him and started to fight Genos but he didn’t die. He didn’t even pass out until the bird took him and he had just kind of got some momentum going in his undying need to prove that he isn’t weak and that indeed MONSTERS aren’t weak before that happened.

Throughout this season I think the thought of Bang and Bomb in a fight was what kept me overly excited and I wasn’t disappointed.

They were badasses, we already knew that Bang was anyway but his older brother is just as amazing and it once more opens the door to us learning that this world is full of such cool people.

There was even a great moment where the bird Monster told Garo that there are just some match ups that don’t work and that whilst Bang and Genos are super OP their fight with Centichoro was doomed to fail because, like Pokemon I guess, their type of fighting just couldn’t crack the shell or defeat Centichoro in any way.

So why did I love this episode so much?

All the way through you were waiting to see how these three people defeated Centichoro, you learnt more about the Monster Association through the conversation Garo was having, you learnt so much about Garo himself and you also saw development in Genos.

Of course you sit there knowing that Saitama will show up at some point and just punch the Centipede to death and that will be that but One Punch Man has always stopped itself being a one note joke by making you care about the other characters and for long periods of time forgetting even that Saitama is a thing. In the back of your mind you are waiting for him to show up in some comedic way or just show up in general but you lose yourself to what is happening on screen which for this season mostly left Saitama alone.

He wasn’t there when the Monsters ran rampage, he wasn’t there when the kid got kidnapped… We got to be introduced to super powerful allies, strong personalities and just people you want to spend more time with whilst at the same time getting to see Saitama save the day a few times whilst also doing his usual stupid stuff.

It wasn’t all about Saitama going around killing everything it became a show that had this OP character on the sidelines but you lived life through the eyes of others who were struggling.

They managed to build drama in a series that if you explained it to someone they couldn’t even imagine it even having a ounce of drama in it.

So when King shows up at the end you are in two minds.

OMG is King about to actually be a Superhero and defeat Centichoro himself? Will we see the birth of his true potential.


OMG what is King and Saitama up too?

Of course the second was true with a bit of the first sprinkled in, King and Saitama seem to be learning from each other and both will become more rounded individuals by their association together. King isn’t a Superhero but he has the look and knowledge of how to handle people to portray a Superhero in public whilst Saitama has no people skills and don’t want them but has the ability to be the top Hero in any story going.

It was fun.

This entire series has been fun, terrifying, sad and just so much more enthralling then the first.

Loved it.

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