Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : Tsuzumi Mansion

Episode 11

Tsuzumi Oyashiki” (鼓お屋敷)

With their fight against both of Kibutsuji’s Demons over it is time to be reintroduced to another of the Demon Slayers who graduated with Tanjiro and maybe actually have some adventures now.

Well it definitely is a change of pace that is for sure.

It has always balanced silly with serious pretty well but now it is doing it in a even more extreme way with the introduction of Zenitsu.

He is the cowardly guy we met at Final Selection, the one trying to force a girl to marry him before he dies. He ends up following Tanjiro around so even when dramatic scenes like a guy being thrown to his death out a window happens you have this bright yellow guy drawn with bold outlines panicking and having a break down every few seconds.

For me it worked though.

I liked the chemistry between him and Tanjiro, I enjoyed that even when things got serious he kept them a little light hearted. I kind of wish that this had been what we got before the Kibutsuji stuff if I’m honest. It feels out of place where it is but I really enjoyed it.

Plus the episode was really good. The mansion they are in belongs to a Demon and it changes around like a labyrinth. Tanjiro and Zenitsu get separated and thankfully for them I guess Tanjiro is the one that came up against the Demon of the house whilst Zenitsu gets judged by a little boy and scared by a guy with a boars head.

The guy with the boar head I’ve been waiting for as he’s in the credits and it turns out he’s a Demon Slayer himself.

This seems to be the moment we actually meet the team I guess Tanjiro ends up teaming with for good now which is exciting because I’ve been waiting for this.

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