The Rising of the Shield Hero : Four Heroes Council

Episode 22

 “Yūsha Kaigi” (勇者会議)

It is time not only for a new beginning in this land but for Naofumi’s party to upgrade themselves and move forward stronger.

Exciting times.

What was the point of all the goodbyes when the very next episode Naofumi returns to the castle and even attends a party and spends time with Melty? What was the point at all?

Not that I’m complaining it just seems so totally unnecessary to have had the ending it did just to end up the way it did in this episode.

This episode was much more a stepping stone to the next set of adventures or at least the ending set of adventures before the end of this season. It seems that we’re going on a bit of a grind for at least a episode as they make their way to Cal Mira for a bonus XP event. It is weird when so much of the show is just a fantasy adventure to talk about it in a RPG kind of way at the same time and I’ve only just realised how weird it is having to talk about a bonus XP event.

At least in this episode it looked like bridges were about to be made between the four heroes, unfortunately their egos get the best of them and before Naofumi could say anything after his walk out they had gone again.

There isn’t much to be said about the episode though if I’m honest.

Bitch showed up at the castle trying to poison Naofumi and once more Motoyasu just doesn’t want to believe she’d do something like that which again makes you wonder what was the point in him putting a slave crest on her in the last episode and questioning her finding out she was a habitual liar just to then ignore that knowledge and carry on believing in the best of her?

I mean sure we can say that it is just his personality but at this point it is a bit late for that to be something he could believe in.

We met two new people who Naofumi has to share a cabin with after the other heroes took the space allocated to him, I don’t really know who they are yet but I hope that they join Naofumi because I like the dude a lot, specially as he keeps calling Naofumi Lad even after he realizes that Naofumi doesn’t like it.

Some closure on Raphtalia’s village and more of her being in love with Naofumi and sad to think that he would leave her.

Some fun moments as Raphtalia fights a drunk soldier at the party and after learning how to copy shields Naofumi runs amok in Bosses shop but other than that it was just filler stuff for the next episode.

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