Stranger Things 3 : Chapter Two : The Mall Rats

With a nice, slow paced episode to start the series off we start to look at the mysteries the series has in store for us as Nancy drags Jonathan around whilst playing detective, Billy has some problems and finally Mummy Steve and Duncan are reunited.

Oh yes I was excited by that one.

I guess it goes without saying that from now on the reviews are going to be more spoilery then the first, I’ll probably end up babbling about theories and so on as I go episode to episode. Plus I kind of don’t get the chance to binge watch it so it isn’t like I’m writing these after watching it all the way through or something.

So yeah if you haven’t watched probably don’t want to read on.

I’ll start with Nancy though because I have to admit I don’t really like her character. I struggle when I binge watch a show to then review it hence I’ve never actually reviewed Stranger Things before so you haven’t heard my complaints about Nancy. She’s a annoying character and I’ve never got why Jonathan can’t see how self absorbed she is the majority of the time. She continues that way as she attempts to make her way in the male dominated reporting world.

Thing is whilst I applaud her trying to break through she’s not actually considering Jonathan in any of the things that she is doing nor is she actually going about anything the right way. For example if she had listened to Jonathan and spent a few more moments around the rat acting weird she would have been there to see it explode, yes if you have a fear of rats and thought they couldn’t get any grosser then Stranger Things 3 is exploding them and turning them into blobs of goop, which would be a story and a half. What she actually did was ignore him because she had come up with a lead.

It looks like their investigation, if she ever actually SEES the clues in front of her and doesn’t just live in her own little world, will maybe take them down the path to where Billy and his clone lie.

You see we all hate Billy, of course we hate Billy, but Billy is back and he’s out to snap up some mum’s hanging by the pool. That is until he’s pulled into the Upside Down and comes face to face with Upside Down Billy. This leads to him being unable to be in the sun and also abducting a co-worker and sending her to the Upside Down or something like that as well.

Whatever is happening to Billy seems to have something to do with the rats and if Nancy actually was a half decent detective at some point her and Jonathan are unfortunately going to cross paths with Billy.

Whether this has anything to do with Russian’s trying to open a path to the Upside Down or the Upside Down just merging in general I don’t know but I feel like I’ll be able to figure it out before Nancy even bothers looking in the right direction.

Talking of Russians we’ll move on to my most favourite thing in the series.

Steve and Dustin.

Steve became the adopted mother of a handful of kids with all these events going on and even his new co-worker Robin notices it and mentions it… A few times. When his most prized child returns home and asks for his help not only do we get some wonderful scenes of the two of them trying to figure out Russian between the two of them but a great introduction to yet ANOTHER kick ass female character, as if this show wasn’t packed full of them already.

Robin is super cool, sarcastic, down to Earth, full of banter and super smart she’s also the perfect third person to the Steve and Dustin duo. She just has a lot of great chemistry with the two of them and it is obvious she’ll be Steve’s big love interest going forward so it helps that Dustin thinks she’s pretty cool because let us not even think what would happen if Dustin didn’t like his adopted mum’s girlfriend.

Whilst trying to get in touch with the girl he met at camp Dustin records a Russian broadcast which with the help from Robin they decode and then with the help of Steve they realise was broadcast from not only Hawkins but the mall itself.

They literally have dropped themselves into the main story purely because they one of them wants to be a hero, the other wants to get laid and the third is bored.

We know that this path they are on probably is a dangerous one but they are bumbling along it in that wonderful way that always happens in 80s films and I love it so much. They really are my favourite part of pretty much every episode and Steve and Duncan have always been two of my favourite characters.

The show also still kept the others away from anything even close to the “big bad” of the season which continued to be really good for them. We got to see Eleven grow as Hopper terrifies the life out of Mike and ends up breaking Eleven and Mike up unintentionally but also kind of intentionally. Hopper is playing the perfect overbearing dad figure which is hilarious and sad all at the same time but it means that Eleven is getting to have proper life experiences that she’s never had before and that Mike and Hopper are trying to distance her from. Thankfully her friendship with Max is perfect and the break up scene was one of the most hilarious scenes and my favourite Eleven scene in the entire show.

It was perfect.

Talking of Hopper this is probably the final episode he’ll be allowed to be too far from action as his plan to split his daughter and her boyfriend up works but his plan to wine and dine Joyce doesn’t go down well. I say it is the final episode for that because with so many weird things going on magnets seem to be failing on Joyce and she’s bound to pull him into something.

Really enjoyed this episode, I love seeing the kids just being kids if I’m honest, it is always one of the best parts of every series. The groups they’ve all fallen into within two episodes also perfectly suit each and every character, seeing Eleven and Max bond, Steve, Duncan and Robin hanging out and even the doomed to fail love story of Hopper and Joyce is enough to make me love the series without any strange things going on.

With Billy being a thing of nightmares now and exploding rats plus evil Russians, because of course evil Russians, it isn’t long before the Stranger Things take over though.

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