Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : That Day

Episode 57

Ano Hi” (あの日)

It is time to take a look at Grisha, his past and just what and who the Titans are.

To be honest it was worth the wait to find everything out though it is a bit much to try to explain really.

I really liked that they took the time to explain the history of everything but also showing that history can be made up by whoever is writing it.

Grisha didn’t come across very well though.

He was the reason his sister died, he then got angry at his family for toeing the line instead of calling the person who killed her out for killing her but seemingly not taking any blame for it himself. Sure he was a oppressed child but he went from being a child that didn’t know he was oppressed to hating the world in moments when it was his mistake that got him there.

His adult life wasn’t much better either.

Whilst he looked like he fell in love with Dina the moment he met her at the same time it felt like he was just so happy to be in a relationship and having a child with Royalty so that he could continue his quest to stop his people being oppressed so he kind of deserved having his child turn on him.

It also turns out that one of the guards he met as a child was the Titan that he possessed and now Eren possesses.

A really strong episode that also worked as a bridging gap between what happened in the present to the next step in the present story as we get a flash of Mikasa and Eren being imprisoned for their crimes so it worked in two ways.

I feel like the past might be something we’ll never know the answers to unless they actually do a flashback thing.

Why I feel this way is because there seems to be two histories written by two very different people painting what happened in two different lights and I feel the truth is somewhere in the middle. Of course with great power, as Spider-Man learnt, comes great responsibility and a small section of people with great power, mainly politicians, abuse it as much as they can so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that people with Titan powers would abuse the greater power they have being Titan’s over other people.

That being said the entire thing about them trying to take over the world, destroying everything and breeding out other nations and stuff might not be as true.

I’d like to think we’d find out sometime.

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