Dororo (2019) : The Story of Nui

Episode 22

Nui no maki” ( 縫の巻)

Not sure I’m ready for the final few episodes. With Dororo no longer by his side Hyakkimaru has turned into a Demon and to join him he has his flaming horse Midoro.

No longer on a quest for what is his but for revenge and to find the only person who cares for him (other than his true father, kind of the Priest and maybe one other person) we see the side of Hyakkimaru we’ve been warned about.

Actually we don’t really.

Whilst that was always in the background this episode had a much sadder part to play in the story.

For this episode was really about Hyakkimaru’s mother, the wife of Diago and how she truly feels. She saves Dororo then joins her on her quest to find Hyakkimaru. As you can guess Dororo isn’t one to do things quietly so we get to hear from her how she felt about her son and it is as heart breaking as you’d think.

Anna cried I’m not going to lie to you, she honestly rolled into a ball on the sofa and cried.

This is what we’ve been saying all along though. Through all the cool fights, the stories that could chill you to the bone and just seeing evil people or misguided people becoming evil it doesn’t matter who you meet their story is going to be sad.

I don’t like Diago as a person, as a character in a story he’s perfect but what he did isn’t something I could get around in my head but then I also am not a Lord, I don’t have people depending on me and his true feelings on all this will possibly never be understood because at the end of the day he did what he believed to be right and continued on that path because it was the one he decided on.

Personally that makes him evil in my mind but it is the whole one life to save thousands argument and thankfully something I’ve never had to think about.

So in a way his story is sad. He’s harsh and it is hard to feel for him but it is sad. Then you have after ALL THAT this entire plan failing on him. He did what he did and now he’s at war and has the son he sacrificed marching about on a flaming horse killing everyone in his path whilst his other son has now made a pact with the Demons, has both of his brothers eyes on his face and about to fight him to the death.

Let us hope it isn’t going to be to the death. I don’t want either Hyakkimaru or Tahomaru to die. Neither deserve too.

So we all know why Hyakkimaru’s story is sad because this entire series has been about it and I think I’ve talked a lot about why Tahomaru’s is too but this is just once again another sad chapter in it.

He is now doing what he believes is best for his people. It was something that was hard for him to get over in his mind but he has now, he thinks he understands what it takes to be a Lord and though there was once compassion, hope and love in his heart for his brother it has gone with every passing meeting. His friends both lost limbs fighting him, one is at deaths door and now with the help of Demons they march against the one threat they have and the one way out of this mess his entire people have.

Whilst his dad put them all in this position he’s now put that burden of one life for thousands of others on his sons shoulders and the only life he needs to take is that of his brothers.

We meet more villagers that have been displaced, badly wounded and made super poor by Diago in his efforts to win this war, whilst there is a understanding there is also so much pain and suffering that the understanding is wearing thin. Maybe one day they’ll go back to being prosperous but it is hard to stay optimistic when the people around you are dying, your homes are being destroyed and the samurai’s and Lords don’t seem to care.

More sadness.

Of course Hyakkimaru’s mother is a character we’ve mentioned a few times but we never really realise just how hard it is for her.

Let us never forget that she NEVER turned her back on her son when he was handed to her in the state he was in, she would have happily raised him the way he was and now we see that she even ran after the midwife to find him, how many women can actually do that after childbirth and having something as horrific as their child’s body parts and skin and all sorts being taken from them? She prayed for him every day and whilst she choose her husbands side when she finally encountered him she also choose her own death over living without him too.

Whilst she did very much end up turning her back on her son it was something she couldn’t live with and in this episode she doesn’t. In this episode she leaves to see him knowing full well he might kill her on sight and knowing that if that is her fate she deserves it.

How much pain did that woman go through? To have her feelings belittled in a way by her unfeeling husband? To have to show love to her second son who never knew so never realised the pain his mother had to suffer until it was too late.

In the end sacrificing one life for thousands didn’t do anything and now thousands are dying anyway.

This episode was just sad.

Plus the fact that the horses are involved, Midori is a flaming horse now and her foal was with Dororo reminding us that it isn’t just humans suffering it is animals too.

I don’t blame Anna for crying.

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