Stranger Things 3 : Chapter One : Suzie, Do You Copy?

One of the best TV shows to come out of Netflix so far is the wonderful Stranger Things, set in the 80s it is a wonderfully put together show with a cast of characters that by now fans of the show have come to either love or hate with a passion.

Of all the “big” TV shows this is the one I have always been fully behind.

Everything has changed in Hawkins.

After the events of the first two seasons the inhabitants of the town are moving on or failing to move on in some cases.

Love is in the air for both Mike and El and Lucas and Max but not so much for a left out Will and whilst Dustin doesn’t get the home coming that he wanted after being at camp for a month he himself has some big news and stumbles into something probably much bigger than he knows. The older group all have new jobs, some of which they like and others they hate and Joyce is just over there in the corner being Joyce whilst Hopper prances around like Hawkins answer to Yogi Bear.

I mean that with all the love by the way as David Harbours police chief is one of my favourite parts of the show.

Personally I loved that it was a slow burner of a episode, there was a little development of what the future holds for us but mainly it was showing the personal side of the show. Whilst all the crazy stuff is one of the reasons the show is so excited it really is the cast of characters that make it as good as it is so having a episode to explore just how different their lives are right now was  nice way to start the series.

There wasn’t enough of Joe Keery as Steve though. Mummy Steve was a highlight of season two and I hope his relationship with the kids, whilst changing because they have changed a whole bunch stays just as hilarious as it always has been.

Getting to see Eleven just living a normal life for once was nice, her hanging with the other kids and having a cute little normal romance with Mike. Gone are all the people chasing her and even Hopper has just turned into typical overbearing dad on her. She’s currently got quite the normal life and it is a nice change of pace, getting to know her as a character without so much drama or the fear of being caught, I’ve never really liked Eleven as a character much but instantly my mind changed on her in this episode.

Everything we love about the show was back and done as well as ever.

What the Russians are up to seems to be the big question but it doesn’t seem as big to me as whether Will is going to get his friends to play D’n’D or whether Hopper is going to be able to get some boundaries with Mike and Eleven which is what I always loved about Stranger Things. For all the mysteries and crazy it never made you stop caring about the small human things in the series.

Plus I cried at the memory of Bob. Gone but never forgotten, the true superhero.

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