One Punch Man Season 2 : Justice Under Siege

Episode 10

Seigi no Hōimō” (正義の包囲網)

Even though the Monsters have retreated for now… Actually no that is the wrong word they’ve just left, they didn’t need to retreat as the Heroes weren’t a match for them but they had done their job and left.

Even though the Monsters had left victorious in almost every way with only a few Heroes able to push back their attackers, so much is still happening and I think Saitama and King, after a decent heart to heart, are gonna be off playing video games instead of you know… Saving the world.

It was another amazing episode to the point that I actually got teary eyed at the end of it because whether intentional or not they’ve actually made Garo more human then pretty much most of the Heroes we’ve met this season so far.

I mean it too.

We saw how he was just one of those kids that want the bad guys to win, I was one of those growing up too. Watching the Sonic cartoon or Earthworm Jim sometimes, even though I loved the Heroes, I just wanted to see the hapless moronic villains get one up on the Heroes, I even wouldn’t have minded if Tom got Jerry to just knock the confidence out of the little shit or Wile E Coyote actually had a plan go right.

Difference is Garo decided he wanted to grow up to be a Villain and fight the Heroes.

Now when we first started this story there was that kind of shadow surrounding Garo, he was a self proclaimed Monster and looked to be the big bad of the season. He has since befriended a young child and whilst he is still the most threatening person around bar a few of the stronger Monsters in the Association he’s also been defeated twice by pure accident by Saitama as well as had the most development out of anyone.

Seeing him actually try his hardest to keep the action away from where the kid was and in a way watching maybe the origins of a new Villain in the kid who doesn’t understand what is going on but has just seen not just Heroes but his actual Heroes, the people he looks up to, just attacking this random old guy who talks to him about Heroes all the time. This could develop into something interesting and I can’t wait to see if it does or doesn’t.

Then you had the battle between Garo and the eight Heroes that gathered to take him down.

Whilst Garo continued to be super cool and able to in some ways defend himself even though he was injured there were just so many people surrounding him with various different forms of attack so that every angle is covered. He can’t run, he can’t get too far away, he can’t get too close and he can’t focus on just one person. Someone shoots arrows, they have someone to recover them, he goes after one person and two others will attack him.

It was actually a difficult thing to watch because whilst we know that Garo is the bad guy in all this and that he’s been putting Heroes in the hospital just as much as the Monsters have in their rampage you kind of know him now and whilst you see he’s the Villain… You don’t either.

One way they’ve done this is by having the fight from his perspective.

We see him struggle to fight these guys off, they come across as being a gang out bullying someone who is obviously injured and even though you know the build up and the story behind all this you just don’t like the Heroes. They aren’t Heroes you know and they also don’t come across as fun or defenders of what is right. They are a bunch of Heroes you barely know and they look like they are out to get Garo. Which of course they are and for good reason but I feel the show has done such a good job of building up Garo that, especially with the kid in the shack watching, you feel for him.

Even though he deserves it.

You don’t want him to deserve it.

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