Fairy Gone : Uninvited Music Corps

Episode 11

 “Manekazaru Ongakutai” (招かざる音楽隊)

Marlya might be over her obsessive need to remind us that she is cursed… She probably isn’t. Who knows and who cares when war is about to break out?

I will give the show one big plus.

I mean I like most of the show but this episode had one of the best moments.

Liscar walking down the street whistling and then the music chiming in to the song and them just killing everyone was one of the coolest moments. It really worked.

In fact again most of the episode worked and at least right now I can get what is going on.

If you had asked me from the first few episodes what this show was going to end up becoming I wouldn’t have said civil war in the streets with one of the Seven Knights trying to kill the King whilst Free acts super cool and Nein, one of the other Seven Knights, is in the wrong place being kick ass.

I thought it was going to be about the Mafia trying to get this tome but in the end none of that really mattered as we’ve now got this entire thing going on with the war.

Even then the war isn’t that impressive. I mean it is and it isn’t.

There was the rebellion which masked Liscar taking over the capital city but why Diese is doing this, why he’s sided with Liscar and what he will get out of it I don’t really understand and I have a feeling you aren’t meant too. It doesn’t seem to be something that is being run on logic, these people just don’t like that their side lost in the war and that they had to join this peace pact and ended up being the people they are. Whilst I get it with Liscar I’m not sure I can really care about the quibbles of a bloody Duke.

Which is what I keep moaning about I guess.

There was this really cool story to tell about the Seven Knights, this kingdom that went to war, the Fairies being implanted into people and the struggles of power behind the scenes but it wasn’t the story that you were led to believe was actually the important one for the longest of times and not only that it came third to the Mafia/Tome story and a really pointless one on Marlya who just doesn’t seem that important.

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