Dororo (2019) : The Story of Breaking the Cycle of Suffering

Episode 21

Gyakuryū no maki” (逆流の巻)

No one can run from their fate and as the Priest said in the last episode Hyakkimaru’s is a heavy one to bear.

But bear it he must as he marches back to his father in the fight for his body.

It was a hard episode to watch if I’m honest.

Diego’s land is falling, the protection it once got from his sacrifice has been lifted and everyone is dying. He has no choice but to force people to join the army to fight the threats on his borders whilst the borders themselves fall to plague and need to be cleansed to keep it from spreading.

I would like to say that you can put this all on Diego’s feet and hate him even more for it but the hard and horrible fact is that this was the exact position he was in when he sacrificed Hyakkimaru in the first place.

Unfortunately nothing they can do is going to make this better and as Tahomaru once more tries to face off against his elder brother, and once more fails in some way, Diego is helplessly just destroying his land and people to build up on if he succeeds.

Don’t see him winning this one though.

Thing is as I’ve been saying for episodes now everything that has happened has happened because of the wars. Even the blacksmith in the funny episode wanted to create swords so one day he would create one that would end fighting. Everything in every village and in every persons life is about war.

Diego didn’t sacrifice his child for peace, he sacrificed it for the sake of his own peace.

If in that time he had created peace, if he had made peace for everyone, if he had done ANYTHING that wasn’t selfish then maybe he wouldn’t be in this position now. But he didn’t.

We’re just back to where we began with people fighting, people using other people and everyone scared, hungry, slowly dying and fighting to survive.

Every single character we’ve met, all their fates and their lives, have been dictated by war. Not a single character has been safe from that, every single one has in some way been made by the ongoing war that just never ends. It was going on before Hyakkimaru was used as a sacrifice and it’ll be going on long after they are all dead if someone doesn’t realise that.

I guess that Tahomaru might, specially with his friends in the state they are in and his father not trusting him. Dororo with her fortune might also use it for that purpose but I have a feeling we might not see Hyakkimaru win this one.

Such a sad story that is going to inevitably have a sad ending I think.

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