The Rising of the Shield Hero : Naofumi’s Triumphant Return

Episode 21

Naofumi no Gaisen” (尚文の凱旋)

It sounds like something good might happen for Naofumi at last.

Still salty over the Queen’s appearance but at least something good will happen for Naofumi…. Hopefully.

It was a good episode that kind of ended the fight Naofumi had against Melromarc and left him open to actually having to fight the waves.

Politics was the reason that the Queen never showed up, apparently they were just talking about summoning a Hero each to help each country when Aultcray summoned them all to Melromarc which meant she was running around doing political things.

Thing is the Queen was there, if she said it wasn’t her fault and rushed back to Melromarc and sorted this from the start instead of “putting out fires” then surely things would have been better? Instead she waited until the Church went as far as it did to go to the help of those who needed it which makes her a bit of a shitty person really.

She was then perfectly happy to sentence her child and husband to death whilst never intending to actually kill them.

Which I mean is good but again shows how weak she is as a character.

She’s this over powered person who could have sorted everything out but doesn’t even believe in her own sense of justice. She’s lucky that Naofumi was actually as good a human as she obviously thought he was because he asked for Malty and Aultcray to be let off the death penalty and have their names changed to Trash for Aultcray and Bitch/Slut for Malty/Myne. It was hilarious but it was also just so disappointing and stupid.

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to see where this will go from here, I’m hoping there will be a second series as there is so much that has happened that won’t get a answer by the end of this series but it was just such a weak ending to this entire story line.

All this shit happened to the Shield Hero that never had to happen and yet it did.

People even still felt sorry for the Princess who was proved beyond a doubt to be the worst of the two.

The King might have conspired to keep Melromarc safe and blame the Shield Hero for things because he hates the Shield Hero, maybe for the same reason a Demi-Human country loves him, but Malty did so many more horrible things AND tried to kill her sister to be the next Queen.

All of this would have never happened if the Queen had just done her job instead of blamed politics for only showing up at the end.

Still it was kind of nice to see Naofumi get his own brand of revenge plus I enjoyed just having good things happen to him for once. Boss was also there to see him get his name cleared which I liked because he has stuck by Naofumi through all of this no matter what he actually thought. He could have been the same as anyone else but he kept helping him and didn’t just cut ties with him so it must have been nice for him to have his trust in Naofumi confirmed.

Plus it’ll be nice to have the villages that have been saved by Naofumi able to actually see that they weren’t saved by a Devil but by someone who had been wrongly framed and yet STILL fought to keep them safe more than any other Hero.

Whatever happens next it won’t be with Malty and Aultcray pulling the strings for failure.

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