One Punch Man Season 2 : The Ultimate Dilemma

Episode 9

Saikyō no Nayami” (最強の悩み)

After Suiryu called for help Saitama appeared and now, NOW the Monsters have a fight on their hand. We all know that he’s going to now destroy everything and everyone but boy did they manage to make this threat so terrifying before Saitama got to play a part in it.

I am disappointed that we didn’t get to see the showdown between Gouketsu and Saitama, we did see a little bit of him taking down Bakuzan but I kind of wanted to see him face off against Gouketsu but his demise was used in a motivational moment for the origins of Suiryu becoming a hero more then anything.

It was still a good moment but a little disappointing.

In fact this entire episode was really good but slightly disappointing but that is entirely down to it being the cool off episode between the threat being relieved and whatever it is that is going to come next.

Our introduction to heroes still continues with Zombieman being introduced, we see the after effects of Garou’s attempt to take down Watchdog Man, Puri Puri Prisoner shows up and we see where he stashes his mobile phone and in general it showed off the S Class even more.

We know King is a bit of a joke but the rest of the S Class Heroes look like a formidable force if they ever decided to work together which we know from Season 1 even when it looks like it’ll be the end of the world they much rather wouldn’t.

I enjoyed the talk between King and Saitama though kind of guessed that the speech that King was giving him would have come from a movie or a manga or something like that so the joke kind of didn’t work for me, I also have no interest in the Sonic story which ended on a joke and felt like a waste. Saitama going on about being bored was OK and obviously very in character and it was nice to have a moment to reflect but there wasn’t really anything else going on in the background that made the episode better whilst he was having that moment.

Also it was also the second time that Saitama and Garou have come face to face and Saitama has just swiped him away.

He still doesn’t know that is the guy he’s looking for either.

Obviously he also doesn’t recognise him.

It isn’t that the episode was bad the disappointment was obviously going to be there as we’ve had some explosive episodes with some really good drama and action but that doesn’t really last long when Saitama goes in for the fight. It is a comedy show but for me for most of this series the comedy has fallen a little flat more times then it has hit the right mark but it has been elevated by a brilliant story playing out around it.

Going forward it’ll be interesting to see what Saitama does following his talk with King and how the Hero Association decides to attack back.

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