Fairy Gone : Cursed Child

Episode 10

Wazawai no Ko” (災いの子)

If you didn’t watch the after credit scene of the following episode you should have because it was probably the best part of the entire series. It managed to actually portray all the feelings it should have.

In a confusing tale with so much lore seeping out of it that you can’t really contain it in your brain and so many things going on with so many different people that you lose track of who just talked let alone what they were talking about it was nice to have a quiet moment that reflected on the harsh realities of the job Marlya has got herself into.

As you might be able to tell by the title of the episode it was much more about Marlya coming to terms with her past… Again… Then anything else.

The death of Oz obviously once more led her to believe that she was cursed and I’m not really sure what she had planned on doing. She went to see Don Jingle, the Mafia boss that she used to work under, but I’m unclear why she went there.

I’m unclear what she was doing other then feeling sorry for herself some more.

It seems that when she was little was when she knew Veronica, their village then burned down and she moved north leaving the group because she believed she was cursed before being found by the hunter who then died. Jingle pointed out that she was with him for 3 years and nothing bad happened and it seemed more like a episode to have the other members of Dorothea show up to tell her that they are family and she can’t just run away from them more then to make any sense of anything.

I just don’t really understand and I’m past really caring if I do or don’t.

Why is Diese trying to use the Fairy Weapon?

What has Kal-o got to say?

Post credits it looks like war is about to break out but with two episodes left it is hard to say with whom and why.

Probably Diese, probably led by Liscar and maybe with Wolfran on their heels.

What has this got to do with the Fairy Tome and the Mafia?

What has anything got to do with anything anymore.

There was a super interesting anime somewhere in the depths of all this but it seems to just be drowning in story line at the moment with no actual focus on anything in particular. I feel like it has all its pieces muddled up and it would be nice if it just settled down and focused for the last few episodes.

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