The Rising of the Shield Hero : Battle of Good and Evil

Episode 20

Seiya Kessen” (聖邪決戦)

So it is time that the Four Cardinal Heroes fight down the Pope Balmus and his mass of mana giving followers.


This is why I keep saying it is terrifying.

When the guy who was serving just behind Balmus tells him that if the people offered more mana they could die Balmus, in his whole high and mighty way, told them that their sacrifice was needed in the fight against the Devil and the Three Fake Heroes.

You know what?

They carried on too.

When the Heroes all worked together it was pretty cool, the four of them make a great team which is exactly what they need to do of course and I do love the chemistry that the four of them have when they are all together it is just a shame that even now I don’t see them really getting on that well. Too much has happened and people would still have to give up now long held beliefs.

That being said the fight was fantastic.

Didn’t like that the only way they really truly won was with the Queen coming to their aid which gave Naofumi the chance to use a stupidly powerful attack from his curse Shield that saw the Dragon bascially come back and eat the Pope but at the cost of what?

This was all a really interesting twist to what was happening in the world even if I take back what I said in the other episode that this might have actually done a lot to wipe out the plot holes because the Queen DID just march into battle and end it and if she worked a little faster or actually just did her job as a Queen then Naofumi wouldn’t have been left dying in a pool of blood at the end of the episode….

Just to then be saved by OP Queenie who should have moved her ass a whole bunch faster than she did.

This actually took SOOO much of the emotional impact of this episode away because at the end of the day the Queen could have sorted everything out.

She is the get out of jail free card I’ve been talking about this entire time.

Her Shadows were able to stop Malty, she knew that Naofumi hadn’t done anything wrong, she’s more in charge of the world then her husband is yet she’s just sat in a castle somewhere.

Of course there will be a reason. She needed them to find their own paths, she is weak, she needed to test Malty and Melty… There will be some bullshit reason to why 20 episodes in she shows up in her entire OP self and ends a battle that actually ended seconds later when Naofumi sacrificed himself to tell us why Naofumi ever had to be in the position he’s in in the first place.

There will be a weak as hell reason why.

No reasoning could make up for it.

If she had been held prisoner, fine, if she was dying, fine, if something was happening and Naofumi had to go to her and get his answers then that’ll all be fine but she isn’t any of those things. She marched when she was ready, after all this pain had been brought on Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo and her own bloody daughter Melty and showed up with some sorry excuse I bet.

We didn’t hear it this episode but I’m sure it’ll be awful.

2 thoughts on “The Rising of the Shield Hero : Battle of Good and Evil”

  1. The one question that isn’t answered is: why are the heroes called the cardinal heroes. Cardinal is a ref to the 7 sins. How did they come about in to being called that. Fitoria alludes to it being like poison. Yet, Naofumi isn’t bothered by it.

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