Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : The Basement

Episode 56

Chikashitsu” (地下室)

With so much always happening in Attack on Titan I guess it is easy to forget that one of the main goals for a long time has been to get to Eren’s old house and see if the family basement is still intact.

What it is that Eren’s father knows about this world they live in might actually be a interesting thing to find out. It was all that motivated Erwin and now the city is free for them to find that secret.

For a start honestly I hate how both Mikasa and Eren have to be dumber then the dumbest person on the planet. They honestly have no puzzle solving skills and are so blind to just about everything.

That might be where Armin comes in but Levi and Hange don’t need another person to round them off.

You can say Erwin was like Armin, Levi like Mikasa and then just dump Eren and Hange together for the shits and giggles but it just isn’t true. All are smart, all fight for what they believed in and all do what is best for humanity even if sometimes their goals are selfish. All are rounded and learn from their mistakes.

Armin is the only of the main trio who actually is a rounded character.

I only say this because it made the “lets search the basement” section of the episode so difficult to watch as those two morons bumbled around like the morons they are. “Oh my dad really wanted to hide this thing but OMG the drawer is empty” use your bloody brain Eren.

That being said like most episodes this week this was kind of a nothing episode.

Armin had to wake up and learn what has happened, they had to find the basement and then with the brainy twins together had to figure out where the secret was kept. Our big clue as to what the next part of Attack on Titan is going to be came from someone recalling what Erwin used to say about life outside the wall and not from anything in the Basement which will actually end up being a flashback in the coming episodes which I look forward too.

It made me excited for what comes next but that was after the credits had rolled, everything before that was just nothingness to fill a episode that couldn’t start the story they’ll now be telling but also had lose ends it had to deal with.

So in that way it was fine.

Next episode looks amazing though.

Plus when Mikasa and Eren were both told that they will be punished I kind of got excited to think that maybe the Scouts will actually deal with people being dicks in their ranks but I have a feeling neither will be punished that badly and that after we come back from the flashback and probably flash to the next stage in the Scouts life they’ll have been put on leave for a few weeks or something stupid like that and when the story resumes all that are left of the Scouts are just going to be annoying dicks in general….

Some in a different way to others of course.


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