Fairy Gone : Rolling Stones and Seven Knights

Episode 9

Korogaru Ishi to Shichinin no Kishi” (Japanese転がる石と七人の騎士)

After the attack on the Prime Minister it is only fair that the person who saved him, Duke Diese, gets a prize.

Of course that means someone has to escort it…

It also obviously shows us what Diese is up to.

Honestly this is the only show I had to personally catch up with because I just don’t care much about it so I’m not sure if I ever mentioned the fact that Diese one moment seemed to be up to something just to save the Prime Minister the very next moment so it was pretty good to see that he was up to something all along.

I get so confused with this sometimes because it just keeps jumping around from one point to the next and I can never get what the story they are trying to tell is.

Too much going on and not enough is interesting enough to keep my interest for long.

There is also a lot of lore that we’re getting given to us in small bursts so it is hard to keep up with it. I’m not sure who are the important people, who fought on what side, what any group in general are doing at any point. It is really hard to keep up with the general story at all.

Obviously in between learning the lore and trying to keep up with a never ending parade of people we get the flashbacks to Maryla’s backstory that leave us with more questions then answers. The more they give us the less I actually understand and I’ve gone from being happy that we had so much of it given to us in the first episode to actually finding it a burden every episode.

They have to be leading up to where her and Blondie met because it went from “oh they were childhood friends” to “how the hell did she have friends as a child let alone her?!”

This episode in general was really good but I feel it is beyond the point of saving really.

Its story was simple, they had to get something from point A to point B and it just so happened that Diese had planned it all along so that some other Fairy Soliders were waiting to ambush them on the way. Why? I don’t know, the Fairy Weapon that Diese wanted is on its way to him, does he think he’ll get another if this one is “stolen” or is someone else working in the shadows to defeat Dorothea seeing that Beevee Liscar was upset that Nien wouldn’t be in the group.

I mean this is the point.

It is so hard to keep up and you get so little information fed to you that it is hard to grasp what is going on ever.

That being said I like the characters so much that when Oz falls to protect Marlya I was actually pretty upset.

It was a sad ending.

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