Dororo (2019) : The Story of the Amanojaku

Episode 19

Amanojaku no maki” (天邪鬼の巻)

With the threat of Tahomaru over for at least now it is time that Hyakkimaru and Dororo continue their journey, not before Hyakkimaru gets his sword arm fixed though.

We get a funny episode which I guess we need.

Some Demon is haunting the village of the blacksmith that Dororo and Hyakkimaru are looking for which basically makes people say the opposite of what they mean. Dororo goes crazy whilst Hyakkimaru stays his normal self just incapable of saying what he means.

It really was the most hilarious thing, specially when the guy in love with Okowa announced he wanted to marry her because he would make her happier then “grouchy face” which was Hyakkimaru.

There isn’t really much to say about the episode though.

It was fun and kind of needed, there is a bit of me that thinks there should have been something about the journey they just had. I mean it felt weird that Dororo would FEEL like Hyakkimaru would want to leave him just after going to find him, I know that it played into him figuring it out but it just felt a little odd and whilst I get that she won’t feel upset that Itachi is dead I just feel like what they just went through meant nothing.

That being said I liked it.

Honestly have nothing to say about it though. It was funny and that was all it was meant to be.

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