The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Four Cardinal Heroes

Episode 19

Shisei Yūsha” (四聖勇者)

It was the Church all along. We thought Malty was the worst that could happen to the world but it turns out the Pope is a bit of a twat himself.

Honestly the Church stuff is creepy.

I think this is the one thing that I do find creepy in the world is the way that people can believe in things to such a point that they’ll put their lives on the line for it.

Watching the mass of people behind the Pope focusing all their mana on him so that he can go about his business of killing the Heroes was actually one of the creepiest things that have happened in the show because it is just a blind belief that this one man is right and this mass of lives that are being thrown away because the Pope basically said so.

Of course Ren and Itsuki aren’t dead because there can’t be a rest of the show after the fight with the Pope if they aren’t, we were literally JUST told we need all four Heroes so it was obvious they wouldn’t be dead but it was nice that Naofumi finally got a moment to speak his mind and them all having to listen without Malty intercepting him at every moment.

Like Motoyasu was going on and on about Naofumi being falsely accused of things like the majority of his “crimes” weren’t just things that Motoyasu accused him of anyway because Malty told him to accuse him.

It makes you wonder if when all this settles Motoyasu will finally admit that he doesn’t know the truth of the matter, maybe actually listen that there isn’t a brain washing Shield and understand that Malty isn’t the nice person he thought she was. It seemed to happen a little in this episode but I guess my main problem with things after coming back were things that Naofumi pointed out in this episode.

The three other Heroes don’t really have a personality of character of their own. They are just random nerds picked out of thin air that play video games. They look at the world like a video game world just this isn’t Sword Art Online, this is a real world that just so happens to have elements of a game in it, they haven’t been sucked into their game no matter how much it looks like the games they’ve been playing the proof being that Naofumi didn’t play games. To that point they’ve all been playing out their dream lives that they couldn’t do in reality meaning that when a pretty girl told Motoyasu she was nearly raped he believed her without ever batting a eyelid because in reality, as a stereotype probably, he can’t get the girls to pay him attention.

I guess it was a way to tell the story because if they had all been fully fledged characters with brains that were able to logically think for themselves at any point since they were all brought to this place then there wouldn’t be a story at all.

In the end though they all finally come together to at least fight the Pope which I guess opens the door for maybe Naofumi to be able to be cleared of everything he’s been accused of after the fight is over.

What I really want to know though is why the hell do people have it out for the Shield Hero?

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