Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Midnight Sun

Episode 55

Byakuya” (白夜)

This is one episode I have been waiting to see. It is something that I struggled to like in the manga but I was hoping that it would be done better in the show.

It is kind of the thing that I have hated all along about the series so it’ll be interesting to see if I change my mind.

So we’ll start with me pointing out that I like that the show has these moments. It is important to have moments like this.

My problem isn’t that we had people reacting to their basic instincts. That is always the greatest part of it. The problem is that it always has to be that Eren and Mikasa, who make more problems then they have ever solved, are always the ones in the right.

They were right.

Erwin couldn’t think outside the box like Armin, they need the young blood to help move forward in what is a new era. They have a small amount of knowledge on their side, the chance to have two human Titans and whilst they lost so many people in battle they still won.

Both Erwin and Armin were worthy of being saved and in the long run Armin is the better choice as he was motivated by love and freedom, the need to make the world a better place instead of being selfish but it is so hard to like something when Mikasa is just being a total bitch about it.

In fact in this episode it wasn’t even Eren.

If Eren had this dilemma and talked sense into people I would have LOVED the episode but once more we had that useless waste of a character that is Mikasa hanging about ruining just about everything.

Her attacking Levi ruined it.

Eren crying telling Levi about Armin, his dreams and what he actually fought for was actually fantastic and I loved that it was Erwin that made the final decision.

What wasn’t fantastic was that absolutely annoying, pointless and horrible character of Mikasa getting her own way.

Everything will be categorised under her being under pressure, emotional things and yadda yadda but she is constantly not doing as she’s meant too, constantly ignoring people and now even attacked someone on her own team for her own selfish reasons.

Whilst I did enjoy the episode a bunch more then I thought I would I absolutely hate Mikasa. Not even Eren anymore, I don’t mind him as he’s grown as a character but I say it constantly that Mikasa isn’t even a character. She’s a waste of space.

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