Dororo (2019) : The Story of the Cape of No Mercy

Episode 18

Mujō misaki no maki” (無常岬の巻)

After a brief stop to see Jukai, Hyakkimaru is back on the road looking for the rest of his real family. That being of course Dororo…

Who is probably about to be eaten by a shark.

To be fair the shark was actually not that important in the end.

Hyakkimaru came and defeated it just in time for Tahomaru to show up and to be honest one of the only reasons he needed to do so was because he then grew his other leg back, negating the fact that Jukai wouldn’t give him another prosthetic.

That being said it didn’t need the shark and all Shiranui managed to do was end what ended up being the main point of the episode.

Hyakkimaru vs Tahomaru.

As well as the end of Itachi.

You know what, for a guy that basically ruined Dororo’s life and was a absolute dick most of the time I have to say that I am pretty upset that the guy died. His mind was only ever on money, he was only here in the first place to find the treasure that Dororo’s father left behind but he also kind of died saving Dororo in the end too.

There was something about him that didn’t make him a bad guy.

We forget sometimes when faced with characters like Itachi that this world of ever lasting war is what creates these people.

Dororo’s father is a bad guy but he did what he did because he’s in a war and needed to do what was right for his family.

Itachi was a bandit who got fed up of that life and wanted a easier one, he thought he had found it just to be once more in a predicament he really didn’t need to be in. Of course he is all about money, at this point you need money. Was he really evil though? Or just a product of this warring world?

It is the same for Tahomaru. His birthright is to be in charge of a whole load of lives. He never asked for it. He wasn’t even alive to have a say in what happened to Hyakkimaru but he has to fight for what he believes even if that puts him at odds with a victim of this war.

That tends to be the story of this entire thing.

Underneath Hyakkimaru fighting demons are just the stories of people who are suffering because of this stupid war. Both sides are suffering, normal people who have no real stake in this war are suffering.

We don’t see Diego suffer, we don’t really see any of the lords suffer because that is what happens.

They send out the every day normal people who have to fight and do as they are told to make money for their families or because they’ll be seen as traitors or weak and probably killed or ostracized if they don’t fight. They suffer because the lords don’t want to back down on any power that they have.

If the rich came together for peace then all would be in a better place but they don’t so they aren’t.

Every step of the way you’ve met people who have suffered beyond words, some who turn to Demons to then protect them and give them what they need to survive, others becoming easy targets, even more who do their job and end up being seen as Demons themselves.

The world that this story inhabits is cruel and whilst it is easy to say Diego is the bad guy because Hyakkimaru is the good guy it is harder to admit that no one really is the bad guy.

We’ve seen that Demons don’t always have to be evil, we know that this is just their way of life but what makes humans that go to war any better?

Other then that I guess the only thing I didn’t like about the episode was that Tahomaru seems to have forgotten that he seems to want to do what he has to do and bring pride on the land as he doesn’t bother fighting his brother one on one and instead just surrounds him with his two mates and fights three on one… He doesn’t even win in that case.

I mean he might have been close and might have won if it wasn’t for Shiranui’s last attempt to destroy everyone and bring more food for Jiromaru and Saburomaru in the afterlife, it looks like Hyogo might be dead and it might end up being laid at Hyakkimaru’s feet but in the end it is just another horrible day in a horrible world.

At least Dororo and Hyakkimaru are back together and Itachi got to see the gold he died for before he died.

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