The Rising of the Shield Hero : A Conspiracy Linked

Episode 18

Tsuranaru Inbō” (連なる陰謀)

So this is it. Naofumi has to come face to face with one of the other Heroes and try to reason with them.

With Ren and Itsuki possibly killed, probably not but maybe, it can only be the one and only hero that will NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS hear him out. Let us hope that the ending of the last episode is a red herring and we get to talk to Ren or Itsuki shall we?

One thing we know from this episode is that whatever happened to Ren and Itsuki didn’t happen because of Malty.


At the end of the battle between Naofumi and Motoyasu, because of course he is the hero we have to talk, it happens again and turns out that the Pope is fed up of the Shield Hero doing the right thing and basically about to out the church.

So now Motoyasu will have no reason to not listen to Naofumi if they keep alive after fighting the bloody Pope.

As for the episode I kind of really liked it even if it is just basically the same thing we’ve always seen. There was no real difference between this fight and all the others bar the fact that this time Motoyasu actually truly wanted to kill Naofumi because he believed he had killed Ren and Itsuki, of course with that and everything else he’s been fed to believe he isn’t going to listen to Naofumi specially with Malty in his ear telling him that Naofumi has a brain washing shield.

It actually took me by surprise that it wasn’t Malty that is the big bad at the moment, I knew the church was up to something but I always thought they were on the Royals side but obviously they aren’t. I don’t know if it is the Queen they are after specifically or if Malty and the Kings actions recently have also pissed them off but the Pope is ready to destroy all of them right here and right now, blame it on the Shield Hero and start over in the way he wants to start over.

So typical church then.

It actually is a pretty decent twist but it basically is the twist I said was going to come. Not a OMG what a great twist moment but something that ties up all the plot holes into one so that they don’t need to deal with why everything has been a bit of a mess up until now.

I guess it works though.

It was a good fight but the church coming to fight them at the end probably just took all my attention away from the rest of the episode if I’m honest.

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