Dororo (2019) : The Story of Questions and Answers

Episode 17

Mondō no Maki” (問答の巻)

Itachi is not in the best of positions and we might actually get to see Jukai again after him not being around most of the season. Good times for us.

Another episode focusing on the family of Hyakkimaru this time though we finally get to see him face to face with the man who actually raised and in his own way loved him as a child.

That alone made the episode so sad.

Jukai had to learn everything we’ve learnt along the road with Hyakkimaru but also has to come to terms with what the old Priest has been warning Dororo about. As he continues down his path Hyakkimaru is bloodying himself with human blood as well to the point that at the end of this path will he be human even if he has his body back or will he lose some of his humanity?

It is a hard lesson that Hyakkimaru must at some point face.

Dororo keeps trying to force him to see this but he won’t so now his “mama” is trying to do it. I think Jukai at least made him see that he needs Dororo, he kind of knew it and he was on his way to find Dororo but I think that importance is going to hit him much harder.

As for the “mama” thing that was honestly one of the best moments in the show.

Obviously Dororo has a attachment to his mother after his father died and his mother did all she could to keep him alive. All Hyakkimaru really hears is about the love of mothers so when he announces he knows what Jukai is and calls him his mama I honestly lost it. It was funny but it was also perfect.

We forget that in a way Hyakkimaru is still childlike. He might be older and he might be learning fast but his grasp on language is poor as he’s only just started to hear and learn to speak but the thought was there.

On the other side of his family Tahomaru has hardened himself to go to war with his brother and do whatever it takes to make sure in the next fight he won’t lose.

It is such a sad situation and I think it played out perfectly to get to where it is.

Tahomaru doesn’t have to agree with what his father did, he doesn’t have to care for what his mother feels anymore he just has to be him. He knows that his first thought needs to be the people of his country and regardless of how he feels about how his father got to where his people are now he can’t just let his brother destroy that for the sake of being a decent human.

It is that one life for a thousand lives scenario where you have to weight up morally whether saving one person is worth the life of others.

Unfortunately Tahomaru doesn’t really get to look at the morality or even the logic that maybe just maybe the fighting should end. His whole purpose in life is to grow to be the man that people can look up to and this world isn’t exactly the most caring of places so peace is not going to come just because Tahomaru wants his brother back. He has to think of the people below him instead of that one person because that is the job he was born into.

I’ve said it before but I really like Tahomaru as a character and think that the dilemma’s that he has had to face have been played out really well.

I do hope before there is a big fight something good can come of him meeting with his brother once more but I worry that Tahomaru might end up being another victim of his fathers greed.

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