Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : Together Forever

Episode 10

Zutto Isshoni” (ずっと一緒に)

Yahaba and Susamaru are two foes that are a terrifying prospect on their own but with Yahaba now down and four people to face Susamaru surely the fight can’t last too long.

Actually it doesn’t and it wasn’t even a very interesting fight but it did make sense.

Together Yahaba and Susamaru were a formidable team, his use of arrows to direct Susamaru’s temari meant that their attacks were unpredictable, the moment that he was gone her attacks became predictable which gave Nezuko the chance to basically play football with Susamaru for a bit until Tamayo uses her enchanted blood to force the Kibutsuji Curse to activate and kill her via curse.

It isn’t really that surprising that Kibutsuji is making up Demons that can’t utter his name or that he doesn’t want to band Demons together just in case they get the wrong idea and decide to turn on him, whilst Tamayo says it is cowardice he seems to just enjoy causing havoc and what is the point in allowing Demons to have free will or think they can take him on if all that means is he won’t have any fun anymore.

That was that then.

I don’t really know how they managed to make a episode that long out of what happened if I’m honest, I guess not completely killing off Yahaba meant that we got to see Tanjiro thrown around for a little longer and whilst the fight with Susamaru was short it still had a prolonged period of her and Nezuko just kicking the tamari at each other.

What I did really like was the reminder once more that these Demons were human once and they didn’t have to be bad humans to be turned into Demons.

As her body, what remained of it, lay waiting for sunlight to destroy her Susamaru called out for Tanjiro to bring her the tamari and to play with her.

It was a moment to remember that Susamaru was just a child that wanted someone to play with, what had killed countless people and faced Tanjiro and company wasn’t the person but the Demon that Kibutsuji made from the death of a child that just wanted to play.

With this over though it is time for Tanjiro to move on, in fact everyone is. Tamayo and Yushiro are going to disappear so that they stay safe and we’re moving on with just normal life for a Demon Slayer though finally we’re coming up to meet someone who was at Final Selection which I’ve been waiting for seeing they’ve been in the opening credits this whole time and it felt weird not seeing them when they were given so much character to engage with in just one scene.

What they do next I don’t even know.

Other then remove the other Demon Slayer from the poor girl he’s begging to marry him.

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