Year of the Rabbit Episode 1

Whilst we are getting a fix of Matt Berry in What We Do in the Shadows over on the BBC it wouldn’t be fair for Channel 4 not to have some Berry action of their own.

Enter Year of the Rabbit.

If you like Matt Berry you’ll love this, unfortunately his trademark bellowing voice is replaced by a much more gentle yet hilariously cockney accent which just adds to how hilarious this show is.

You aren’t going to get some great drama or even a story that really matters but the show worked so well because it managed to fit in so many wonderful jokes in a very quick witted way that you are constantly laughing at something.

In fact you’ll probably need to watch it a second time just to hear things you missed whilst busy laughing.

Berry as the titular character Detective Inspector Rabbit is obviously the selling point but it has a wonderful cast around him including Alun Armstrong as his boss spouting out a ridiculous Northern, according to Rabbit, phrase of “don’t forget who wipes your ass”, Susan Wokoman as Mabel, Armstrong’s adopted daughter who wants to be the first female police officer and actually has much more sense then any of the males in the show as well as the wonderful Paul Kaye who basically plays Paul Kaye with a posh accent as another ridiculous police officer called Tanner.

With all these names parading around it is easy to see how it would be so funny. From Rabbit trying to teach his young, inexperience and innocent new partner Strauss life lessons to their total stupidity as Mabel tries to steer them on the right path. Year of the Rabbit is just refreshingly stupid in all the right ways.

I don’t even really know what happened in the first episode if I’m honest with you, I get that there is a secret society who now want the three of them dead and there was a murder that was solved in its own way but I was too busy just laughing at how ridiculous everything about the show was to really care about what they were actually doing.

It worked too.

I’m not sad that I don’t know what is going on because just listening to them rabble on, see them doing stupid things and watch as they stumble their way to a victory of sorts was enough to make me laugh.

Plus Matt Berry falling off a bike is something everyone should see.

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