The Rising of the Shield Hero : A Promise Made

Episode 17

Tsumugareru Yakusoku” (紡がれる約束)

Where were we?

The Filolial Queen Fitoria has basically declared war with the Heroes after Naofumi refuses to reconcile with the other heroes.

I still very much feel like a step in this conversation has been missed.

Fitoria and even Melty both are under the impression that Naofumi is ABLE to do anything when in reality he can’t. He is the one being hunted, he is the one being treated like a criminal. Malty has turned the world against Naofumi and everyone thinks he’s a rapist that has kidnapped the Crown Princess.

Even with the other Heroes about to maybe find out more about the world everyone seems to think that Naofumi should just be able to put his hands up and have everyone get on with him.

This series constantly makes me angry and usually I don’t mind but this one jump of logic is starting to bug me. It didn’t so much with Melty because she is a kid that just wants what is best, she’s also a Princess so her marching Naofumi to the castle would at least maybe in her eyes see him being safe.

Fitoria’s idea is decent but if she knows how he’s being treated how she thinks that he can even talk to another Hero without being killed I don’t know.

Thankfully Filo proves herself in the eyes of Fitoria by never giving up and I guess Naofumi might have proved himself by acting the same way that her Shield Hero did in the first place, it also made Filo the successor of Fitoria meaning that we now have two princesses basically running around with him.

After the fight it turns into kind of a cute episode with them all celebrating and having a good time, plus Naofumi being mobbed by Filolial which is cute.

Later on the problematic parts of the conversation do arise in some way and Fitoria is a little less harsh on him but does point out that if he doesn’t tell people he isn’t guilty then they’ll just believe him to be guilty. At the same time he is right that he doesn’t really get a choice in that matter either, no one wold believe him one way or the other. So whilst she is still going to try and get him to talk to at least one Hero, if any are left alive after the explosion at the end, there is no real proof that he is or isn’t guilty and Malty has her bases covered with brain washing theories and all sorts.

I guess why it annoys me is that the Queen is meant to be higher then the King, the guard/assassin type people she sends off from time to time seem to be believed more then Malty and her guards so why the Queen doesn’t interfere I don’t know, I guess there is a very real reason and as I said I’m sure that the king actually has his reasons for why he is the way he is but coming back to it after a while I can see clearly now that a lot of this is just a lot of slogging through a story that could be sorted out in moments if the Queen just did her job.

It really only works if we as the audience don’t look at it with clear eyes. When you are emotionally involved in the story you will scream and shout about how unfair it is on Naofumi but at the same time there are giant logical leaps that have to happen too and one of the biggest failures that had to happen to make this work is by not giving the other three heroes proper characters or their own mind until half way through the series. At first they were like puppets themselves and whilst Motoyasu has a excuse for his behaviour, him being a ladies man type, the other two just blindly went along with what a lot of strangers said about another stranger with no actual thinking for themselves. In fact they were biased against the Shield Hero because they are all nerds who think it cooler to play games with weapons then it is to defend someone and now they get to lead out a cool life instead of being nerds, and that isn’t a insult I’m a nerd too who goes full tank in these kind of games, that just looked down on Naofumi for… Not being a nerd and ending up being defender class.

They’ll be the same type who scream at their healers for not healing them but look down on them too.

My point is though that whilst it kind of works in the moment any kind of looking back after the emotions have worn off shows you that this entire story is built off of the audience not really realising how weak the story is. Whilst I guess there are questions that need to be answered and that’ll fill some of these gaps it is a weak way of telling a story to have obvious get out of free jail cards sitting around just for them to be ignored or hand waved away when the time comes that we come face to face with them.

When watching week in and week out you get all caught up with the story of the main character which is decent enough that you don’t notice the giant plot holes left and right of him but when you come back to it these inconsistencies and obvious failures to tell the story in a way that you can understand WHY these giant plot holes aren’t actually plot holes is kind of annoying.

Just a little bit though.

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