Dororo (2019) : The Story of Shiranui

Episode 16

Shiranui no Maki” (しらぬいの巻)

It has been a while but last time we saw Dororo being intercepted by Itachi after wandering away from Hyakkimaru after they fell out. Itachi is after the map on Dororo’s back but now we have to wait and see if Hyakkimaru can even find her now.A journey with Itachi goes as well as you could imagine. He isn’t really the smartest of people and whilst he keeps his eyes always on the gold that he’s looking for he manages to get half his people killed thinking he’s better then anyone else.

Thing is without Dororo all of them would be dead.

In the end they have to rely on the kid that they had kidnapped to save the day as she came up with a plan to kill one of the sharks that are hunting them.

Yes sharks.

After coming to the coast and needing to get to the island in the sea they trust a random one armed guy in a destroyed village who just so happens to have two giant man eating sharks. Of course he seems like the most trustworthy guy, whilst Dororo tells Itachi not to trust him of course Itachi is too high on himself and just gets in the boat thinking that maybe, just maybe, if things go wrong he’ll kill him.

Something that he should have done.

Which he didn’t do.

I mean he nearly died in general.

I like that we’re getting to see Dororo on her own. She’s able to command people and come up with plans so easily and I like that they pointed out when a bunch of grown men had given up living that she, as a child, carried on even when she was on her own. She’s the one that saves them and in the end once more is just tossed aside because of Itachi’s greed and inability to care for others.

Well he might be in more trouble as I think these sharks are gonna be coming to land.

Or at least the one that they didn’t kill.

Because he didn’t kill Shiranui.

Which was stupid.

Though technically that was also Dororo’s fault.

I feel like we say this every time that we fall behind but we never did with this because of anything the anime did. The story is as always just as good as anything else we’ve watched and I really am interested in seeing how Hyakkimaru and Dororo come back together. We see after the credits that Hyakkimaru seems to be on his way to once more see Jukai but how that is going to help Dororo I don’t know.

It is surprising to me that the story of Dororo herself is actually my favourite part now, I remember worrying that she would annoy the hell out of me but in the end she’s ended up being the most interesting character and I really want to know just what happens next, which I guess makes it a good thing I have about 6 episodes to watch right now.

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