Anime Highlights Week 20

I still try so hard to get these done even if in the end everything blends together. I worked out that this week (ending the 26th because lets face it it’ll probably be out after 26th May) is defo week 20 since we started these, I have week 17 done (hopefully out before this with the ones we kind of got up to date with before I had to take some time off but maybe out after depending on if I sorted out the notes) so we continue with gaps in the weeks but I think we are getting there.

Now just for me to sort myself out and we’ll be all fine!

So week 20 which includes things from week 16 probably till now including 4 or so episodes of some shows…

Quick note before publishing…. All the shows up to date are in here other than RobiHachi which I haven’t caught up with having only actually done 2 episodes of in the first place. That and AfterLost might actually just be… Lost and RobiHachi might be one of those shows I will someday get back to. I mean I have a list and it’ll defo be on that list if I don’t get caught up in the next day or so…

A story fleshed out…

The first episode of Attack on Titan we saw this week worked very hard on giving us some kind of context for what is going on.

We saw the focus very much change from them vs us to who are we actually fighting again?

Reminders that Bertholdt, Annie and Reiner were all Scouts, that they have some kind of mission that gives us more questions then we could possibly fathom and just the reactions to things like them killing Marco or the fear of what is happening to each other makes you wonder what we’re missing.

I say it was fleshed out because I feel like so much happens all the time in Attack on Titan that stories like this get lost in the shuffle a little.

Well not in this episode.

Finally the stories are all converging. It was nice to see it focus a little more.

What’s 100 years between friends right!?

So something that I really loved in this bunch of episodes was Midnight Occult Civil Servants forth episode when we learn that Anothers really are just like humans, they have no real concept of our time or our lives so when a God wakes up and wants a drinking mate for 100 years to celebrate him being awake he doesn’t realise what he’d be asking of a human because he only thinks as a Another would.

This is once more hit home on the next episode where the gang meet Pandora who doesn’t get why she should stop filling her box with people’s memories of loss which upsets Arata who realises that just being able to talk to a Another doesn’t mean that he’ll ever understand them or they understand him.


Finally since Bungou Stray Dogs started its third season Ranpo was seen in episode 30. They finally go back to the Agency and he’s just messing around in the cafe with the others which makes me so happy to see.

Even if them being here ended up with the cafe being attacked and all of the members getting enraged. Including sweet little Ranpo.

Monsters Taking Over!

So in One Punch Man whilst Saitama was busy doing Martial Arts things all of the cities were under attack from all sorts of strong Monsters and to be honest I digged it.

I loved how we got to see so many of the Monsters not just as threats but actual things with personalities. They got to glow as much as the other Heroes have so far this season and whilst most of the Monsters were winning and it was obvious there was another plan going in the background there is at least one fight, that of Blizzard and the Sadist, that I can’t wait to see.

It just made the world feel bigger and made me want to explore it more then just following Saitama around.

THEN the S Class Rank Closes in!

So the thing that happens when the Monsters run rampage?

The super cool S Rank Heroes we haven’t seen, and one or two that we have seen, appear to save the day. Or at least try.

We got to see SilverFang do his thing, Terrible Tornado come to help her sister then met Flashy Flash, Emperor Child, Pig God, Drive Knight and others join the battle.

Thing is it doesn’t matter if they are funny like Pig God, cool looking like Flashy Flash or just terrifying like Terrible Tornado it made the entire series so much more cool to have them all around.

OMG The Church!

So in The Rising of the Shield Hero the Church go from hiding in the shadows causing problems to basically wanting to take over the world even if it means killing all the Heroes and Royals all in one fowl swoop.

Who’d have thunk it the Queen is OP?

So you might have heard Luc’s angry typing as after a fantastic battle with the four Heroes finally united in the Rising of the Shield Hero, at the very last second we had the Queen show up to save the day.

The Queen who always knew Naofumi was innocent.

The Queen who always knew her eldest daughter was a bitch.

The Queen who could have got off her fat ass, well she’s skinny but you know what I mean, and done something millions of episodes ago and didn’t.

Yeah she showed up.

In all her over powered greatness she showed up finally to put somethings to rest.

Why couldn’t we have that before now?!

Whilst the story might have been different if she had shown up, whilst she would have had to be different for the story to be anything similar it doesn’t matter. It is a giant plot hole that a over powered character sat away watching the evils her family, her family who aren’t as powerful as her, were doing just to show up when she could be bothered.

Sure the Church held a bigger threat to the world as a whole then people thinking Naofumi was a rapist but think how this would have all ended up if she actually just sat down and went “right, Demi-Humans aren’t subhuman so pack it the hell in husband of mine. Naofumi isn’t a rapist my daughter is a bitch, no the evils of the world aren’t all on the Shield and can we please stop with the three Heroes Church bullshit and recognise we have four? Please thank you.”

Now I KNOW that this is probably going to be a whole “well I couldn’t do anything when people saw the Church as the good guys but now we can prove they aren’t” kind of thing it is still bullshit to have had her sit in the shadows for so long doing NOTHING. LITERALLY NOTHING.

At least she’s going to save Naofumi hey?

Continued Gruesomeness…

So Bungou Stray Dogs is going in the direction of having really horrific guys showing up. First of all it was Dostoevsky making Ace commit suicide and then the guy who attacked the Cafe has jars full of people’s finger nails that he’s picked off.

This actual weeks Demon Slayer also saw Kibtsuji inject a girl through the head with his blood leaving her body to disintegrate into pretty much nothing. The animation of which was disturbing to say the least.

Not to mention Dororo just continues to have all the moments…

Bertholdt, oh Bertholdt…

Honestly from the very beginning of Attack on Titan my favourite character was Bertholdt and in the two episodes we had to catch up on he just made my little heart so sad.

He got some of the most dramatic moments with the team terrified of his transformation and then him actually transforming which gave us the tragic feeling that we had lost Hange.

A character with so much mystery that we might never find out about.


So we had MANY weeks of Dororo to catch up with and in one of the episodes a gem of a moment was had between Hyakkimaru and the man who raised him.

Throughout episode 17 you were kind of dying to hear Hyakkimaru tell Jukai that he was family, it was kind of obvious that this was the path that bringing them together would go down. After all Jukai took him in, gave him limbs and skin and taught him how to live.

Of course the episode was more about Jukai having to come to terms with the monster he also created whilst knowing that the human child he loves is still in there. There is light and darkness within Hyakkimaru and whilst Jukai did the right thing the daunting obviousness of the path he has to take and what it’ll cost his soul is a very real thing.

It was all worth it though for that brief second when Hyakkimaru, devoid of any father figures to care for, claimed Jukai as his Mama.

Funny but also meaningful. I said in the review that all Hyakkimaru knows is of Dororo’s love for his mother. The only father he’s really been face to face with or knows of is his own who gave his own son up to Demons so the importance of what he said was overpowering.

Sometimes Dororo does more then just grim horror.


So one thing we learnt within all these weeks is that Gin is a girl and she just so happens to be Akutagawa’s sister!

She made it therefore in the below point but I thought it was worth giving her a point of her very own.

What a mystery that I didn’t even know we had going on!

Baby Sisters always to the rescue!

If you followed our Twitter you would know we caught up with One Punch Man then Demon Slayer.

Both had instances of baby sisters coming to the aid of their big brothers. In the case of Metal Bat of One Punch Man it was his sister coming and stopping his battle with Garo because he promised never to let her see violence and in Demon Slayer it was Nezuko coming to the rescue just as Tanjiro makes a bit of a mistake and figures out that he can’t really beat the Morphed Demon he’s up against.

So we need to give a shout out to the baby sisters in anime right now. I mean technically Terrible Tornado ALSO helped her big sister too but she’s so annoying and such a brat I won’t give her any praise.

Even Gin in Bungou Stray Dogs turns out to be Akutagawa’s little sister. Did we know Gin was a girl? I feel like I knew this but also don’t think I do. Either way another little sister who would probably come to her brothers aid though in this episode she probably needed him to be honest.

Want another one?


I mean she’s literally no one’s baby sister but she is the baby sister of the show kind of and comes and saves EVERYONES asses nearly every single episode. Because Dororo deserves to be a awesome little sister.

Fairy Gone… Interest going…

I honestly thought this was going to be a really interesting series but it is starting to turn into the same old thing every single episode.

Something interesting is talked about, forgotten about and then suddenly we have gun fights and dramatic chases all with the same  music playing over it.

The Beast Titan’s Perfect Game!

So more from Attack on Titan, this time the beginning of episode 53 was actually one of the hardest scenes to watch so far.

Seeing the shrapnel hit, the graphics change to show the casualties without actually showing any of the blood shed, the fear in Levi’s face as the understanding of what is happening hit him.

Another perfect moment from a show that up until these episodes had left a lot to be desired for us all.

Just the fear, the crushing realisation that they were all probably going to die. It was a theme that ran with Levi’s squad throughout the episode and just made it even more difficult to watch.

The Power of Money is back BABY!

So I was a fan of Fitzgerald because I thought he was cool, he was extremely different from Mori and Fukuzawa and his ability whilst baffling was pretty amazing.

He is also the only leader so far to actually get into the mix really and show off. He matches, when his fortune allows him, the OP characters like Atsushi and Akutagawa whilst being able to use his resources that even without much of a fortune he is at least on the level of Dazai and Chuya. Even our new villain is so different from him, which is one of the pleasures of the show I guess.

What put him on the list is that his return was just perfect for him. Everything about the episode just left me entranced and by the end of it I was honestly jumping for joy that Fitzgerald and the Guild were back. Plus as I said in the review, or will say if it doesn’t come out first, his shopping addiction makes him such a cutie.

Muzan bloody Kibutsuji!

I know a lot of these points are turning into “OMG HOW COOL IS THIS CHARACTER?!” but Kibutsuji is also deserving of one of these points.

He turns up acting all cool even though he’s the daddy of all Demons then in another episode he punches and kicks people to death before giving some poor woman the most horrific looking death possible before sending two even more scary looking Demons after Tanjiro.

At first I thought it was too early for us to meet the Final Boss of Demon Slayer but one… It makes you wonder if he is the Final Boss and two… If he is the Final Boss I’m OK with getting to spend time with him before he has to face Tanjiro.

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