Week 58 : Are beliefs and superstitions the same?

It is a really thing to think about when you look at the words Belief and Superstition. Both basically mean the same thing but when used mean two very different things but they really are just the same.

Again it is kind of down to definition that they are the same.

Belief is simply the acceptance that something is true or exists without proof whilst Superstition is defined as the BELIEF in and reverence of supernatural things which include such things as Luck.

You can say the difference is that Belief tends to be used in connection with Religion whilst Superstition in its way is anti-Religious in so much that you have to believe that things happen due to Luck instead of the divine will of a God. Also when people see the word supernatural anywhere near Religion they, understandably, get upset.

At the end of the day though you can’t have Superstitions without having Belief in them.

When you strip the words down to their most basic meaning one can’t even be a word without the other being a word in the first place.

Now if you use it as they are commonly used as in is Religion the same as Superstition on one hand it isn’t but the other it kind of is as well.

You’ve all seen those films and books that have gamblers praying to the Goddess of Luck by doing things that they deem to bring them good Luck. Their Superstitions are the same as the little things people do in Religions simply to keep on the good side of Gods. No I don’t mean being a good person or living right but going to Church, Praying and things like that. They aren’t truly needed but you do them every once in a while because they are things that are ingrained into you to do for your Religion just like wearing odd socks is a Superstition to some people to avoid bad luck.

So even a little deeper just because both need Belief to be a thing they are very similar.

Superstitions can also bring people who feel the same way together in small little ways as Religion does on a much larger scale. It can also dictate how someone lives their lives like a Holy Text could.

So whilst people might get upset thinking the two are the same in many ways they are extremely similar.

One thought on “Week 58 : Are beliefs and superstitions the same?”

  1. i dont necessarily disagree with your conclusion, but i would clarify it as such: i would treat superstition as a subset of belief. so basically, a superstition is necessarily a belief, but a belief isnt necessarily a superstition. also, i would define belief as any proposition that you’ve been convinced is true (regardless of whether you have proof or not). in that sense, it implies that there could be proof for the supernatural entities posited in superstitions, but we dont currently have any.

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