Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : Old Coyote and the Garden of Falling Stars

Episode 8

Oita Koyōte to Hoshi Furu Niwa” (老いたコヨーテと星降る庭)

With the missing girls back with their body parts back to normal it is time for another random adventure.

It was kind of a cute episode.

Arata took a walk with Kohaku and Yuki which in turn meant a lot of work for the others because walking around town with the God of Disaster isn’t something other Anothers care for, there was a little talk about how the Ears of Sand helps Arata sympathize with the Anothers because he can hear what happens to them and understand them more so that thread about becoming closer to Anothers using Arata’s powers might be something important going forward.

I do like how they didn’t just forget about the Azazel stuff and went on to show that Arata did feel sympathy for him.

At the end of the day he had fallen in love and was doing his best to bring back the love of his life, the fact they seemed happy to leave him to do it all over again is still a bit worrying but I’m gonna forget about that. It was nice seeing that they all worked together to bring Sakaki’s sister back to the present and to see that there is actually work being done in the background on helping those who have been abducted come back into the world.

After all Sakaki’s sister is only 17 years removed from the planet, I doubt as a teenager she’ll want to live life as a 30/40 year old but at the same time they can’t exactly just put her back to her life because her life stopped 17 years ago.

It is amazing that she just kind of, for lack of better terminology, got over it.

Seeing her baby brother as a adult, knowing she’s missed 17 years and all her friends and everything she knows is long gone and over but she just kind of didn’t care. I don’t even mean it as a negative I like that she did because it shows why Sakaki is kind of the way he is, his sister is such a positive person that it makes sense that he’s the way he is too. Plus she had been captured for 17 years but still managed to try and calm Izumi when they were together which was nice. She seems like a nice character and I kind of hope her and Izumi show up more in the series.

It was a funny episode but at the same time not much to talk about happened.

Still good though.

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