Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : Sense of Loss and Proof of Despair

Episode 7

Sōshitsukan to Zetsubō no Shōmei” (喪失感と絶望の証明)

The Devil is going all Frankenstein mixed with Ursula on us, missing girls from the 60s are showing up unable to sing and now Arata is pissed at Kohaku after figuring out that he’s feeding these girls to the Devil himself.

But can a bunch of civil servants really do much to help?!

Azazel, the angel who fell in love with a human and by doing so became a devil. His love died because humans don’t last forever and now he’s doing his best to bring her back by using parts of other humans.

That actually was heart breaking.

Not only that but this seems to be a process that he’s tried to do over and over and over again just for her to reject the body parts he finds just it seems that it isn’t so much that her body rejects it as I first thought but that she herself is rejecting this new body that he is giving her. She’s gone from being a human to being a Another and can feel what he’s doing to her when he wakes her.

Other then being there when it goes wrong and being able to take both Sakaki’s sister and Izumi home with them they don’t actually do much in this episode which is nice because we got to see this process play out and kind of understand what is going on but at the same time it just makes you wonder about the actual details which don’t seem to be that important in the long run but I would like to know.

How many girls over time have been taken and did any of them get returned before now?

At the end when all the pieces that he’d stolen were released did he release them? Did they automatically get released because they weren’t needed? Did the other demon/thing that stopped the others from being able to move send the pieces back?

Like the other thing with Azazel just wants to prove that you can’t have a happy marriage with a human which is actually untrue and this whole experiment is just wrong.

Azazel probably did have a happy marriage he just can’t have a ever lasting marriage and no one seems able to point out to him that bringing her back in any way shape or form is actually just going to make her a Another instead of human. It is like some sort of divine punishment on Azazel for just falling in love with someone that wasn’t going to last as long as he did. He needs to despair so the proof that a everlasting marriage with a human is impossible.

Horribly  once more it seems like a game to Kohaku and this will go on and on forever but I guess because the Civil Servants have had a happy ending then it doesn’t matter that they actually solved nothing other then getting their friends and family back.

I say this because right at the end of the episode just being back seemed enough and no questions looked like they were going to come.

I felt for Azazel.

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