One Punch Man : The Resistance of the Strong

Episode 8

Tsuyoi Yatsu no Teikō” (強い奴の抵抗)

So the tournament is now over but whilst obviously Saitama had to hightail it after getting himself in trouble the others are going to have to come face to face at last with what the Heroes on the outside have had to deal with.

Not least Gouketsu who had managed to defeat Genos…

Honestly it was such a interesting way of doing things.

There has been this Martial Arts vs Hero theme running through the tournament, the whole the strongest person will do what they want kind of thing as well people looking down on Heroes for whatever reason.

When faced with having to do what is right or turn themselves into monsters a good deal of the Martial Artists turn themselves into Monsters because they want to live and be powerful over helping others. Something that is starkly contrasted by the Heroes who are saving lives all around the city and not only that but Snek and Max who both get destroyed in the opening moments just to return later in their Hero gear to help save Suriyu.

Whilst Suriyu decides to stay human and fight Gouketsu and his crow Monsters I think his opinion on Heroes will change.

He didn’t expect Snek and Max to return and they even put their own lives on the line so that Suriyu could escape, unfortunately for them Bakuzan who had eaten a whole bunch of Monster Cells earlier and we all thought had died came back as a Dragon class Monster and made sure their efforts were for nothing. Whilst he himself got terrified of he power of Gouketsu and decided he had given up on becoming the most powerful but his actual joy came from hurting those weaker then him.

It was such a good episode.

I think I say it all the time but the strength of One Punch Man isn’t just the comedy aspect.

This is a show with the most OP character ever created. Even Superman has a weakness, even Superman can look like he’s been defeated but Saitama just can’t. With one flick of his wrist he can destroy just about anyone and that is where the joke comes in.

If that was just what this show was though it would get boring fast.

Now of course they have the character stuff which works so well. Like the entire tournament where Saitama doesn’t have to “win” but his loss is humorous and meaningful at the same time.

It is the stuff that goes along outside of Saitama’s bubble that really makes the series work though.

Honestly it wouldn’t matter if the entire Saitama/Bakuzan fight is over in seconds in the next episode because we know that Saitama is the Hero that is going to save the day. The point is that Suriyu has learnt a serious lesson about the differences between his own self and Heroes. He’s seen two people “weaker” then him come back to help him escape certain death. He’s seen his comrades, his equals in a sense, turn to the dark side for power whilst others stood and fought for what they believed was right.


This entire episode had me sat on the edge of my seat because whilst it is hard to believe anyone will truly die in a One Punch Man episode you honestly felt scared that Suriyu would die. I was constantly sat there begging for Saitama to show up and save him, or a weakened Genos to show up and do something but they never did and the longer it went on the more I felt we might actually see the end of Suriyu.

In a show where we KNOW that Saitama is going to show up and save the day they made me believe that he wouldn’t.

That is why One Punch Man is so much better then its premise would make you believe.

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