Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin : Devil and Sense of Loss

Episode 6

Akuma to Sōshitsukan” (悪魔と喪失感)

Pandora wanted to remove people’s sense of loss, now we’re getting a episode with sense of loss in the title and I feel like we’re going to be going down the path of explaining the story of Sakaki and I’m OK with that.

I change my mind and I’m not OK with it because it is actually really sad.

Not that we really needed the gaps filled in but we got a better look at what is happening with the missing girls, Kohaku’s part to play in it and the confirmation that Sakaki’s sister is 100% a victim of the same Another that had taken the three girls from earlier in the season and also kind of the answer to why he is kidnapping them.

It all goes a little Ursula from the Little Mermaid as well as being super sad.

Whatever this Another is he’s trying to basically make the perfect human companion for himself by taking parts of other humans. One of the girls from the park incident had their singing voice but only their singing voice taken whilst another has lost the use of one of her legs but the leg is still perfectly intact.

I’m not really sure how that all works but that is what is happening.

Kohaku see’s no problem in this as he then tells this guy about Arata’s childhood friend Izumi who gets taken right in front of his eyes but the episode up until this point was telling us that this exact thing is what happened 17 years ago to Sakaki who saw his older sister kidnapped.

So there is all that going on.

I like that we got to see a bit more of Sakaki’s life but also that we got to see a different side to Theo, I think he was being a little harsh without us seeing the extent to what keeping Sakaki’s secret was doing to him on Arata and when he lost his temper with Sakaki at the end of the episode it was a little off but I just really like the group of characters and this episode got to show us what Sakaki has been hiding all this time, what has motivated him. It was a very emotional episode in that regard.

It’ll be interesting to see how they go forward. Arata didn’t wait for Theo to show up before he demanded that Kohaku showed himself and answer his questions, we learn that the girls have been taken to hell and if this guy is the devil or something like that then we’re in for a fun few episodes but more than that I guess he has a Cerberus which will be fun to see.

Whether or not Sakaki can get his sister back is one thing but I do hope that we get a decent ending to the story as a whole, specially now it has become a current case with leads and all sorts.

For Sakaki’s sake if nothing else.

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