Fairy Gone : Pipe Blowing in the Stage Wing

Episode 8

Butai Sode no Fuefuki” (舞台そでの笛吹き)

I have a feeling we’ll have another one of those episodes if I’m honest but last episode kind of gave me hope that they’ll let story develop.

Now THIS was a episode.

I liked how they kind of managed to stick to one story and push it to a conclusion and that conclusion didn’t have to be a giant action scene. I mean it kind of did as the older Psyden VII models attacked the Prime Minister and Dorothea had to tackle the guy in control of them but it wasn’t a shoot out or a Scooby Doo like chase down the streets plus it made sense and was actually pretty dramatic and well built up.

That was mainly down to Robert as a character though.

His investigation is probably the most interesting and well written part of the show so far, he never gave up always having that inkling that they were looking in the wrong direction and his inkling ended up being right. He followed every lead he could for as long as he could and ended up being able to find out the truth before anything could go too badly wrong.

Thing is the Artificial Fairies and the politics of Fairy Gone is much more interesting then the actual parts of the show that we get to see all the time.

I’m not sure I care about the Maryla/Free/Veronica/Wolfran thing and whilst the Tomes are a interesting concept and I’d like to know more about them all they actually seem to be are plot points for the same old action/chase scenes that are starting to bore the hell out of me.

There are a lot of interesting plots, Mafia groups and so on and so forth that we know about but don’t really get to see, we see representatives of but they are all in the chase scenes and stuff. I don’t always like political things but I feel that the politics and normally “boring” things in this show actually are its strongest parts and it is a shame that they don’t take centre stage more often.

I also hope that Robert and the others get more time in the coming episodes. As a team all the characters are amazing and I really enjoy watching them but when we are stuck with Maryla and Free as much as I like them they have very similar stories going on that aren’t that interesting when it is just one of them let alone both having the same bloody story.

Either way this was a good episode.

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