Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : The Smell of Enchanting Blood

Episode 8

Genwaku no Chi no Kaori” (幻惑の血の香り)

With Kibutsuji cornered I don’t know why Tanjiro didn’t think he’d make a scene, this week we have to see how Tanjiro handles said scene whilst keeping his actual opponent in sight.

Long story short is that he fails to do that and only with the help of Tamayo, another Demon who just so happened to be close by at the time of all this, was he able to even keep hold of the man that Kibutsuji had turned and saved the mans wife as well.

I don’t really get the point in introducing Kibutsuji that way but I’m sure it’ll all make sense in the end.

It isn’t even that I disliked his use in either episode, I think they built him up pretty well before then introducing him in that very episode and having him show off his power, get away and send even more powerful foes at Tanjiro all within a very short period. He is a horrifying prospect for the rest of the season and whilst he isn’t the threat facing Tanjiro right now he has marked him as a dead man and I don’t think he’s getting away.

I think my main problem is that the series seems to have taken a turn I didn’t really want to see it take and I have to readjust myself.

Whilst I knew there would be a big bad that we needed to find in Tanjiro’s main quest to help his sister I did think maybe even the entirety of this series would see him doing work for the Demon Slayer Corps and see us introduced to more and more of that group. I thought we’d have to see Tanjiro work to find the person he needs to find and we’d see some interesting interactions with Demons and other Slayers as we went.

Thing is we’re getting none of that.

We had one mission which was super cool and then straight to even more plot points.

Since the Final Selection happened we haven’t seen any of the other recruits who were given personalities for us to get interested in before disappearing making you wonder whether or not we’ll ever actually see them again or get to know them better. Whilst we now have two Demons after Tanjiro they were sent after him and feel more like a easy escape for the plot now that Tanjiro has met Tamayo who needs blood from Demons on Kibutsuji’s level to try and find a way to turn Demons back into human. Well Tanjiro didn’t even have to go far to find them!

What even was his mission in Tokyo?

What happens when a Demon Slayer doesn’t actually do his job?

You have to think with Tamayo working on a cure that neither of them will die in the next episode and she’ll have two Demons, plus Nezuko’s blood to work with which makes just about any other journey pretty pointless at this point.

It was a fun episode though, I loved Tanjiro interacting with Yushiro, a guy who Tamayo was able to turn into a Demon herself but who would have been on the brink of death anyway and approved of her turning him if we believe what we say. He’s a funny little grump who doesn’t like Tanjiro at all and causes Tanjiro to rage for so long when calling Nezuko a eye sore, problem is the joke wore thin that he had a crush on Tamayo to the point that his presence in the episode slowly became a hindrance more then anything which is a shame.

Not sure what I feel about this episode if I’m honest.

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