Chernobyl : The Happiness of All Mankind

I honestly don’t think anything that could happen in this episode could break my heart more then the things we had to see in the episode before.

The destruction of human bodies due to the radiation, the harsh decisions needed to be made and just the amount of people even after the explosion that had to be sacrificed even if their death was not as painful or as soon as those who attended the explosion is horrifying.

Now there is a clean up to be done.

We see the people left to clean up the Exclusion Zone. Military veterans and volunteers sent to either pick up debris, destroy crops or kill wildlife.

It is a very different type of episode then any that came before and see us a few months down the line but introduced us to some interesting characters not least Pavel and Bacho.

Watching as Bacho took Pavel under his wing, a military vet who is now walking about a Exclusion Zone shooting animals, was somehow one of the nicest things in a show about the destruction of so many lives. They were all there to do a job and he didn’t discriminate against the kid for not being a veteran or in the military at all and looked after him the best he could. He didn’t laugh or berate him for not being able to shoot dogs instead giving him a life lesson and telling him not to let the dogs suffer. It was a strange story to have in it but again I guess one that needed to be told. Whether these characters are real or not I didn’t actually look but again like the heroes that never get mentioned those that have the difficult job of cleaning up after things like this never get much of a mention and it was nice to show that those who had to do horrible things and put their lives on the line were humans.

It was a kid doing his best for his country.

A kid who never shot a gun before he had to kill pet dogs.

Bacho sending Pavel outside when they find a dog with its puppies so he didn’t have to kill them was a scene I was never going to be ready for even after everything we’ve seen so far. It was just unimaginably sad.

Whilst that is happening those we’ve been following this entire series are working on their own things.

Legasov and Shcherbina are trying to get the graphite off the roof of Chernobyl so that they could cover it which meant once more sending men to their deaths.

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